Sea salt crystals were popularized by Maldon and are used the world over by the top chefs in the food business.

Harvesting is what makes Maldon salt so special. Using seawater from Southern England, skilled saltmakers hand-draw the salt in pans after a delicate process of filtering, boiling and heating to remove impurities and form the signature pyramid-shaped sea salt crystals.

maldon salt crystals

24K Salts as a Maldon Salt Substitute:

24K salts are harvested using a similar process in Spain. The salt crystals are pristine white like Maldon salt and are a size between Maldon crystals and Fleur de Sel. Where some sea salts are damp, both 24K salts and Maldon salts are dry.

24K sea salts flakes come in natural, smoked and black versions. They are available in different package sizes and are a better value than Maldon salts. Browse all maldon salt substitutes ➞

flake salt vs kosher salt:

Some would argue that Kosher salt can be used as a substitute for Maldon salt flakes but this is not true.

The pyramid shape of the flakes bring a sparkle and crunch that Kosher salt can not as the grain is much smaller. Furthermore, 24K salts are best for finishing dishes, unlike Kosher salt which is a pure salt used for general seasoning.

kosher salt