Ingredients for CBD edibles manufacturers

Quality edibles begin with quality ingredients. We carefully curated a selection of ingredients that will help your edibles look and taste as good as you want them to.

We all know what the secret ingredient is, and you can’t get that from us. We’re talking about you, of course. The way you blend these ingredients together with the active ingredient is the real secret. And when you have all the ingredients you need, you’re free to make a product exactly the way you envision it.

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Ingredients for CBD Infused Gummies

Gummies are the classic cannabis edible. Consumers have been enjoying them for decades. You can show your customers what REAL cannabis gummies can taste like. A smooth texture, that dense chewiness, bright fun colours, and the promise that their experience will be consistent every time.

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Ingredients for CBD Infused Chocolates

Imported from around the world, chocolate couverture takes your chocolate edible from dull to delectable. Good quality couverture gives your cannabis edible a longer shelf life and resists melting in warm temperatures (like if it gets accidentally left out in the sun on the beach). Your edible can be better than your competitors’, with rich texture and hints of berries or coffee or gingerbread.

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Ingredients for CBD Infused Marshmallows

Often combined with other ingredients to make a cannabis edible, marshmallows tend to lack the punch of flavour CBD edible consumers are looking for. But they don’t have to. Yours can be the most flavourful on the market (and become a staple ingredient for your customers making home-cooked treats). Boiron fruit purees help you do more with classic marshmallow flavours, and even expand into exciting flavours like honeyed mango or tart French cherry.

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Ingredients for CBD Infused Drinks

There are coffee lovers and there are sweet tooths. Appeal to both with CBD-infusable cane sugar crystals that are easily soluble into your customers’ favourite warm drinks, making coffee time way more fun. Or package your cannabis product as a can of cold brew coffee with a happy twist.

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Ingredients for CBD Infused Mints

Mints are a classic accessory in any bag or drawer, so they fly under the radar for low key edible consumers. With their long shelf life, they’re an ideal product to add to your brand. A few drops of high-quality peppermint extract give your mints the flavour customers expect, but you can create new combinations by adding other extracts like chocolate or raspberry, making this low key edible into a clever craving.

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Ingredients for CBD Infused Caramels

They last long (up to 9 months if they fall behind the couch cushions) and travel well. Your customers can cut them into doses easily based on their experience, but you can also package yours as 5 milligram “doses,” so your customers have easy control over their experience. When it’s that easy for them, they’ll be with your brand for life. 

Cocoa Butter

Choctura Cocoa Butter

Sugar & Glucose Syrup

Royal Command Glucose Syrup

Vanilla Paste

Epicureal Vanilla Paste

Pilar Fleur De Sel

Royal Command Fleur de Sel



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“First, and perhaps most important, is the ingredients. Though it's easy to get blinded by persuasive budtenders and cute packaging, always check the ingredients on an edible.”


“Great Edibles start with great ingredients…. just like any other food, edibles require quality ingredients.”


“When purchasing infused products, look for edibles that are lab tested, and use quality ingredients”



CBD-infused edibles aren’t novelties. They need to taste good. They need to look good. That comes from the ingredients you put into them. If you want your customers to have an elevated opinion of your brand, the thread of quality needs to run throughout your business. Lay the groundwork for that reputation of quality from the very start, with your ingredients.


Though edibles are often enjoyed in small quantities, high-quality ingredients give you the opportunity to pack them with big flavour. Go beyond the realms of “sweet” and “sour” by introducing tropical tanginess with pineapples and coconuts, or curiosity-sparking creaminess with mango dark chocolate. With our wide variety of options, you’ll find ingredients to appeal to your customers’ sweet and savoury sides. 


Your favourite ingredients might come from Fiji or Belgium, but you won’t have to wait long for them to get to you. Our fully stocked distribution centres in Toronto and Vancouver offer fast and easy delivery so you can keep up when demand spikes.