Refrigerated Shipping Terms


  • Includes: Frozen, Refrigerated and Chocolate (in the summer).

  • We offer special insulated packaging for these items at no additional cost. This allows these products to be shipped using a non-refrigerated service. 

  • We highly encourage accelerated services to ensure that your products arrive in good condition, especially for those outside of Toronto and Vancouver. However, we do allow you to waive the accelerated shipping at your own risk.

  • Please ensure that someone is on-hand to accept expected deliveries. Qualifirst is not responsible for packages left out in the heat after delivery.


  • Depending on when the order is received, we may delay shipping to prevent your order from sitting idle in a shipping warehouse, which could cause the product to melt or become otherwise compromised. 

  • If your order is received late in the week, we may decide to ship on the following Monday to insure product freshness. 

  • If a single order contains both dry and temperature-sensitive items, both will be shipped at the same time. If you would like to receive the dry products beforehand, 2 separate orders must be submitted.


  • Because of additional costs required for refrigerated trucks, fresh and frozen orders for delivery outside of Toronto and Vancouver will incur extra shipping fees or higher minimum orders.

  • Personalized quotations for wholesale shipments are available. To find out more, you can create a wholesale account now

  • Note that refrigerated trucks require docks for unloading.