Is it possible to pick up my order at one of your warehouse locations?

Pick up is available during business hours at our Toronto (ON) and Vancouver BC) locations, but only for orders placed in advance. You cannot place an order at the warehouses. You can select the pick-up options during checkout. Most orders will be ready within 90 minutes of receipt during business hours.  The warehouse addresses can be found on the Contact Us page.

How do you ship frozen products?

For all frozen and refrigerated items, we take great care in preparing them for shipping, using ice packs and cooler bags to provide temperature control. Ice packs provide the best temperature control within a 24h period and we recommend using the UPS Express Saver freight option for the fastest shipping times. You may also choose the "Wholesale Shipping Standard Dry Carrier" delivery option; however, this offers no temperature consideration. If temperature sensitive items arrive melted or have been otherwise impacted by the weather, Qualifirst will not be held liable. 

Note that chocolate is treated as a refrigerated product in the summer (as they tend to melt) and as a regular product during the rest of the year (as weather permits). 

Why is a $10 flat rate delivery fee not always possible?

The shipping fee depends on the location, the weight and also the types of products ordered.

It is not possible to offer flat rate shipping for refrigerated and frozen items. The only exception being for customers within Toronto and Vancouver.

Can I add to my order?

If you have not yet received an email alerting you that your order has been processed, we can absolutely add to your order! Simply place a new order with the comment: "Add to my order", and we will waive any additional handling charges when we process.

Can I request product specifications?

Yes! Simply create an account, add the products you want information about to your cart, and leave a comment on the cart asking for details that you need (located on the bottom of the cart). This may take a few days to provide, so we will reach out yo you via email, provided to us during your account creation.

Does Qualifirst ship to the US?


Other questions:

For more question regarding our shipping terms, please see the Shipping Terms page. For other unanswered questions, please consult the automated chat box on the bottom right of the page. If needed, you may also find the option to chat with an agent in the chat from 9am-8pm ET and 6am-5pm PT.