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Chocolates & Desserts

Indulge in the ultimate food experience with our carefully curated selection of premium ingredients! Michel Cluizel and Callebaut's chocolate bars and couvertures are made with the finest cocoa beans and crafted to perfection, ensuring a rich and indulgent taste. Choctura’s wide assortment of bonbons and chocolate-covered nuts will send you to heaven with their velvety goodness. La Rose Noire's tart shells and cones provide a convenient base for your pastry creations, while their premium frozen desserts, handcrafted to perfection, offer a range of indulgent treats such as mousse-filled choux buns and assorted macaroons. La Rose Noire also offers chocolate shells and decorations which are perfect for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your desserts. You will also find here all the dessert decorations and colouring you need to create mouth-watering visuals for your baking creations.

With this premium selection, you can create visually stunning and indulgent desserts that will leave your taste buds craving for more!

Note that as frozen and refrigerated items, these will need to be treated as temperature-sensitive products when shipping.

Poudre Cacao 22/24 1 kg Choctura
SKU: 173018
Price: 44,21 CA$ 44.21 CAD
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Flocons d'Or - Décoratifs 5 g Choctura
SKU: 152635
Price: 47,12 CA$ 47.12 CAD
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Sucre Neige Non Soluble Déco 1 kg Almondena
SKU: 150806
Price: 17,74 CA$ 17.740000000000002 CAD
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Galets de Beurre de Cacao 454 g Choctura
SKU: 173361
Price: 47,17 CA$ 47.17 CAD
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Tartelettes à la vanille Rondes Grandes 8.1cm 45 pc La Rose Noire
SKU: 236286
Price: 99,26 CA$ 99.26 CAD
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Coquilles de tarte ronde à la vanille 4.8cm 125 pc La Rose Noire
SKU: 236282
Price: 142,50 CA$ 142.5 CAD
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Tablette Chocolat 'Grand Noir' 85% 70 g Michel Cluizel
SKU: 170521
Price: 11,84 CA$ 11.84 CAD
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Kayambe Barre de chocolat noir 72 70 g Michel Cluizel
SKU: 170516
Price: 8,40 CA$ 8.4 CAD
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Poudre Métallique Dorée 10 g Choctura
SKU: 171380
Price: 29,47 CA$ 29.47 CAD
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Éclats de Cacao 1 kg Choctura
SKU: 173020
Price: 43,62 CA$ 43.62 CAD
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Couverture 45% Kayambe Lait MiniGra 3 kg Michel Cluizel
SKU: 170350
Price: 189,47 CA$ 189.47 CAD
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Candy Cane Grind Crushed 100 g Epicureal
SKU: 187531
Price: 5,95 CA$ 5.95 CAD
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Buche a la pate d'amandes et aux pistaches au chocolat noir 45 g Choctura
SKU: 178111
Price: 9,08 CA$ 9.08 CAD
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Choc. Lait 45% Caramel Beurre Salé 100 g Michel Cluizel
SKU: 170552
Price: 12,96 CA$ 12.96 CAD
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Rainbow Sprinkles 100 g Almondena
SKU: 187532
Price: 3,95 CA$ 3.95 CAD
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Cornets Sésame Noir 3cm 83 pc La Rose Noire
SKU: 236316
Price: 93,85 CA$ 93.85000000000001 CAD
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Mini cônes de sésame noir 25mm 140 pc La Rose Noire
SKU: 236306
Price: 136,84 CA$ 136.84 CAD
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Poudre de Cacao 22/24 2.5 kg Choctura
SKU: 173066
Price: 102,15 CA$ 102.15 CAD
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Feuille de Brick 30cm 10u. 4750 g Qualifirst
SKU: 204138
Price: 157,90 CA$ 157.9 CAD
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Petite tarte ronde salée 4.6cm 125 pc La Rose Noire
SKU: 236290
Price: 145,23 CA$ 145.23 CAD
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