Yuzu Juice (Citrus) 350Ml Yakami Orchard

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The fruit itself is hard to find, so we rely on bottled juice. A few drops will transform your vinaigrettes, or mix some into mayonnaise to make a superb dip for crab or shrimp. Unsweetened natural yuzu juice which has a taste combo of grapefruit, lemon, tangerine and life is a bit of a cult ingredient with modern chefs. Refreshing dressing for salads such as avocado and beet and mix with soya as a sauce for dipping spring rolls. Excellent mixed with miso as a glaze on fish for grilling and makes exotic cocktails including a Yuzu Drop.

  • Origin:
  • Japan
  • Feature(s):
  • Japanese Specialties

yuzu juice.

Yuzu Juice (Citrus)                 350Ml Yakami Orchard
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by Jose M.


Very Fast delivery.

Posted On 2015-12-23

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