Tea, Coffee & Floral Herbs

Don't get caught with a low stock of essential ingredients. We provide a wide array of dry ingredients for all kinds of foodservices
establishments, including blends, sweeteners, decorations, and supplies so you can keep creating delicious entrees, sides, and sauces.

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MSRP: 59.90 CA$ 39.87 CAD
Online Price: 39.87 CA$

Herbs for Infusions

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MSRP: 9.73 CA$ 9.27 CAD
Online Price: 9.27 CA$
MSRP: 9.73 CA$ 9.27 CAD
Online Price: 9.27 CA$
MSRP: 19.90 CA$ 17.04 CAD
Online Price: 17.04 CA$
MSRP: 12.06 CA$ 11.49 CAD
Online Price: 11.49 CA$
MSRP: 220.00 CA$ 136.22 CAD
Online Price: 136.22 CA$
MSRP: 99.90 CA$ 61.86 CAD
Online Price: 61.86 CA$
MSRP: 23.90 CA$ 19.26 CAD
Online Price: 19.26 CA$


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