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5 Reasons Why Creating A Wholesale Account With Us Is Good For YOU

1. We Carry 1000+ Specialty Ingredients. This allows us to become many restaurants' 1-Stop-Shop for specialty ingredients, greatly reducing the complexity of their supply chain. This reduces the hassle of reordering, saving time and money.

2. Our Business-To-Business Reordering System Is Optimized For Ease-Of-Use. Be done with the headache of most distributors' user interfaces. This save you even more time and money.

3. We Offer Instant Wholesale Pricing For Any Order of $300+. This minimum is a lower barrier to entry than what the typical distributor offers, allowing customers to try out a variety of new products at a low cost.

4. Staying Ahead Of Food Trends Is Part Of Our Business. This allows our customer to take financial advantage of being an early adopter. We accomplished this with the Spirulina Powder trend, becoming its main supplier in the Greater Toronto Area.

5. We Are The Full Package: Importer, Distributor and Manufacturer. This allows us to bring you maximum value by cutting out as many middlemen as possible, bringing you top-of-the-line ingredients at great prices.