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Eating Chocolate

Since, 1948, Michel Cluizel has been established itself as one of the world's premier chocolate-making companies, handcrafting its products from bean to bar chocolate bar using pure cocoa butter, sugar cane, bourbon vanilla pods and no artificial flavours or soy. These handcrafted chocolates are an exquisite delicacy, with a large selection of chocolate bars and ready-made chocolate gifts sure to turn anyone into a rabid Michel Cluizel addict!

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Chocolate Covered Amarena Cherries 80 g D'Amarena
SKU: 150372
Price: 10.65 CA$ 10.65 CAD
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Arcango 85% Dark Chocolate Bar 70 g Michel Cluizel
SKU: 170521
Price: 11.28 CA$ 11.28 CAD
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Sardines Milk Chocolate Tin 75 g Michel Cluizel
SKU: 170860
Price: 18.88 CA$ 18.88 CAD
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Salted Butter Caramel Bits 45% Milk Chocolate Bar 100 g Michel Cluizel
SKU: 170552
Price: 12.34 CA$ 12.34 CAD
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Kayambe Grand Lait 45% Milk Chocolate Bar 70 g Michel Cluizel
SKU: 170546
Price: 11.52 CA$ 11.52 CAD
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Noir de Cacao 72% Chocolate Bar 70 g Michel Cluizel
SKU: 170516
Price: 8.00 CA$ 8.0 CAD
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Plantation Chocolate Squares Assorted 28x5g Gift Box 140 g Michel Cluizel
SKU: 170715
Price: 29.47 CA$ 29.47 CAD
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Plantation Chocolate 5g Squares Assorted 2 kg Michel Cluizel
SKU: 170645
Price: 113.69 CA$ 113.69 CAD
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