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Delight in our Snails & Seafood collection, offering culinary treasures from land and sea. Experience the succulence of our Snails Extra Large HELIX, perfect for classic French dishes or pasta recipes. Showcase your culinary prowess with our Snail Shells Empty Extra Large, ideal for homemade escargot creations. Explore the flavors of Burgundy, France, with our Very Large Snails Burgundy France, perfect for traditional recipes. Enhance your dishes with the rich umami taste of our Anchovy Fillet in Olive Oil, or the delicate tanginess of our White Anchovy Fillets. Immerse yourself in a world of culinary delight with our premium selection, sourced for quality and flavour to inspire your culinary adventures.

Escargots Bourgogne France Très grand 96 ct Francaise De Gastronomia
SKU: 080928
Price: 58,88 CA$ 58.88 CAD
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Filet d'Anchois Huile d'Olive 50 g Agostino Recca
SKU: 091048
Price: 13,65 CA$ 13.65 CAD
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Encre de Seiche 180 g Nortindal
SKU: 093038
Price: 20,80 CA$ 20.8 CAD
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Coquilles Escargots Extra Grandes 24 pc Royal Command
SKU: 080904
Price: 26,00 CA$ 26.0 CAD
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Filets d'Anchois Blancs 1 kg Agostino Recca
SKU: 091070
Price: 60,24 CA$ 60.24 CAD
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Très grand Escargots Helix 24 pc Sabarot
SKU: 080903
Price: 21,23 CA$ 21.23 CAD
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Encre de Seiche 4 Doses Pouches 4x4g Nortindal
SKU: 093034
Price: 8,65 CA$ 8.65 CAD
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Filets d'anchois blancs 1 kg Mare Uno
SKU: 091076
Price: 60,22 CA$ 60.22 CAD
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Encre de Seiche 500 g Nortindal
SKU: 093040
Price: 47,12 CA$ 47.12 CAD
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