Cacao Powder 22/24 2.5Kg Choctura 1Kg, 200g, 2.5Kg

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Chocolate is good for you! Yes! But, only in its Raw state - unheated, no trans fats, no sugars, no dairy etc. It is in fact the highest antioxidant superfood known to man. Cacao powder contains far more antioxidants per 100 g than acai berries. Cacao Powder has an appealing mild chocolate flavour, lacking the bitterness and acidity of natural cocoa, which makes it easier to blend with other flavours. Think hot chocolate, mousse, sauces, biscuits, ice cream, sorbet, or for decorative purposes.

Select a size: 200g 2.5Kg

  • Origin:
  • Netherlands

alkalized cocoa powder.

Cacao Powder 22/24
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