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Highlighting Our Canadian Brands & Products
by Patrick Martin (QFG)

Homegrown Culinary Delights

We often get requests from the chefs we are in partnership with about our Canadian selection. Chefs care about supporting local businesses because they, of all people understand how hard it is to stay afloat in an industry that is more risky and difficult than most. Few industries can compete with the difficulties that restauranters face on a regular basis, but if there is anyone who's in the ballpark, it's farmers. That is part of why chefs care about supporting those with whom they are in the trenches, both working hard to provide people with delicious food. We care about our local businesses too, which is why we have decided to highlight some of our Canadian brands. If you'd like to jump straight into the list of Canadian products, feel free to jump to that page right now! Otherwise, take a look at some of our Canadian brands.

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Authentic Homegrown Products

Gourmet Dried Mushroom Mix 454g

Explore the forests of Canada with Royal Command’s Gourmet Dried Mushroom Mix. A blend of the finest Canadian woodlands’ offerings, this mix is a must-have for soups, stews, and sauces with a deep, earthy essence reminiscent of the wild Canadian outdoors.

Lentils Eh Puy Premium 700g/5kg

Savour the rich, earthy flavour of Canadian-grown Lentils Eh Puy from Epigrain. These small, dark gems are a versatile staple in the Canadian kitchen, bringing a touch of rural Canada to your table with every comforting, nutritious bite.


Farro Grain Whole 300g/1Kg/5lbs

Indulge in the hearty wholesomeness of Canada with Whole Farro Grains. Celebrated for its nutty flavor and exceptional texture, this ancient grain is a nutritious addition to your culinary repertoire, perfect for creating rustic Canadian dishes that warm the soul.

Canadian Brands

David's Condiments

Embrace the diverse flavours of Canada with David’s. Our collection includes nutrient-rich superfood blends, salt-free spices and rubs, aromatic smoking wood chips, and more. This diversity reflects Canada's, having pieces from all over the world brought together by this Canadian brand. 

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Savour The Prestige Of Rougié

Experience the refined elegance of Rougié’s premium foie gras and duck creations, each a hallmark of gourmet expertise. Sample their distinguished products, proudly made in Québec.

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Duck & Pork Paté with Foie Gras 80g

A classic of French cuisine, Pork & Duck with Foie Gras has the meaty flavour of pork and duck meat, the buttery liver-like richness of duck foie gras and the subtle flavour of Tawny Port. The main feature of a terrine is that the ingredients are steamed in their own juices.

Duck Rendered Fat Conserve 320g

Rendered Duck Fat is one of the most prized and desirable animal fats around. Coveted for its subtle duck flavour and high smoke point, this conserve has an opaque colour and spreadable consistency when cooled and appears clear to the eye when heated.


Duck Foie Gras / Armagnac Terrine 1 kg

This melt-on-the-tongue foie gras is the essence of luxury and is one of the world's most appreciated and prized gourmet delights. Rougie's Duck Foie Gras with Armagnac is of extraordinary quality with the pure, rich, buttery, liver-like flavour of the finest foie gras.

Royal Command

Royal Command delivers a superior culinary experience with its extensive selection of high-quality ingredients and gourmet products. Known for its extensive range of baking essentials, specialty grains, and unique condiments, Royal Command caters to the discerning chef and home cook alike with varied sizes for many products. Each product is carefully sourced to ensure peak flavour and performance, enabling you to create exceptional dishes with ease. Choose Royal Command for your kitchen and transform ordinary meals into extraordinary culinary creations.

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With 24K, experience the opulence of Canada’s landscapes in your cuisine through truffle-infused delicacies. Every drizzle and sprinkle brings a touch of Canada’s majestic elegance to your table.

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Sea Salt Flakes

The classic sea salt flakes, a kitchen essential that brings a gentle crunch and a pure, clean saline taste. Their pristine, pyramid-like structures dissolve evenly on the tongue, releasing a burst of brine that enlivens any dish from a fresh salad to a rich chocolate ganache.

Smoked Sea Salt Flakes

For a deeper sensory adventure, smoked sea salt flakes are your go-to. Infused with the aroma of woods, these flakes carry a robust flavour that adds a whisper of fire-cooked essence. Sprinkle over grilled vegetables or mix into a rub for meats, and transform simple cooking into a campfire experience.


Black Sea Salt Flakes

Black sea salt flakes offers an enigmatic twist. Enhanced with activated charcoal, these dark crystals are not only visually striking but also provide a detoxifying element. The mineral-rich flavour with subtle smoky undertones gives a dramatic finish to your plates, making them as captivating to the eyes as they are to the palate.

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