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Pastry Decorating

Whether you’re piping buttercream or mousse, our collection of pastry decorating supplies will complement the artistry and precision of your hand. 

A small minimum order of $50 gets you free shipping, so you can try a new, smoother cake turntable and a complete, unique set of piping nozzles without wasting a single dollar on shipping. 

Your freedom to create unique and attractive pastries will soar with pastry decorating tools designed to give you unique and enticing textures to work with. 

Outfit your kitchen with premium basics, like:

  • Piping bags that are almost twice as thick as your existing bags, so thick icing and prolonged pressure will never result in a popped bag.

  • Cream chargers that create whipped cream with perfect consistency every time.

Your order ships fast from our warehouses in Toronto and Vancouver, so you have the pastry decorating supplies to create something magical when inspiration hits. 

Whether it’s flowers, shells, or the classic swirl around the edge of your Belgian cherry-chocolate cake, you can find your inspiration in the decorating supplies below. We’ll get them to your kitchen fast. 

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Poches à Douilles 18' (46x26cm) 100 pc Almondena
SKU: 152646
Price: 27,12 CA$ 27.12 CAD
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Poche à Douilles 21 100 pc One Way
SKU: 152691
Price: 68,50 CA$ 68.5 CAD
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Poches à Douille Jetables 18 100 pc One Way
SKU: 152690
Price: 53,31 CA$ 53.31 CAD
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Poches à Douilles 14' (36x20cm) 100 pc Almondena
SKU: 152643
Price: 20,06 CA$ 20.06 CAD
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Joyeux Anniversaire Brochette Or 10 pc Artigee
SKU: ARTG-8804
Price: 10,71 CA$ 10.71 CAD
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Poches à Douilles Jetables 14 100 pc One Way
SKU: 152688
Price: 44,53 CA$ 44.53 CAD
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Cartouche Crème N2O - 10 pc ISI
SKU: 152683
Price: 26,00 CA$ 26.0 CAD
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Cooling Freezing Spray 650 ml
SKU: 152681
Price: 104,76 CA$ 104.76 CAD
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Buse de coupleur en plastique 2.5x3.2cm 1 ct Artigee
SKU: ARTG-9014
Price: 8,46 CA$ 8.46 CAD
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Cream Chargers Original 8g 50 pc Artigee
SKU: ARTG-8096
Price: 53,82 CA$ 53.82 CAD
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Whip Cream Dispenser 500ml 1 ct Artigee
SKU: ARTG-8097
Price: 76,58 CA$ 76.58 CAD
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Buses de tuyauterie 48pc Set - Artigee
SKU: ARTG-9013
Price: 49,48 CA$ 49.480000000000004 CAD
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Buse De Tuyauterie Noël 2pc Set - Christmas 2pc Set Artigee
SKU: ARTG-9020
Price: 9,47 CA$ 9.47 CAD
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Buse de coupleur en plastique 4X5.5cm 1 ct Artigee
SKU: ARTG-9015
Price: 8,46 CA$ 8.46 CAD
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Pinceau à décorer fondant 2pcs 2pcs 1 ct Artigee
SKU: ARTG-9018
Price: 14,27 CA$ 14.27 CAD
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Sphère de buse de tuyauterie 14pc Set - Sphere 14pc Set Artigee
SKU: ARTG-9047
Price: 48,29 CA$ 48.29 CAD
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plateau de base de mini gâteau carré argent 72x72mm 100 pc Artigee
SKU: ARTG-8510S-100
Price: 15,41 CA$ 15.41 CAD
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Cake Turntable 1 ct Artigee
SKU: ARTG-9023
Price: 23,74 CA$ 23.740000000000002 CAD
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Buse De Tuyauterie Noël 9pc Set - Christmas 9pc Set Artigee
SKU: ARTG-9016
Price: 29,47 CA$ 29.47 CAD
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buses de tuyauterie russe 4pc Set - Russian Set 4pc Artigee
SKU: ARTG-9008
Price: 15,35 CA$ 15.35 CAD
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