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European Seasonings bring a touch of continental flair to your kitchen creations. Herbs de Provence Rub (AOC) imparts the essence of southern France with its fragrant blend of herbs like thyme and rosemary, ideal for seasoning meats and roasted vegetables. Vadouvan (French) Curry marries Indian spices with French shallots and garlic, creating a versatile seasoning for stews and soups. Worcestershire Sauce Powder offers the distinctive tang of the classic sauce in a convenient dry form, perfect for enhancing the flavour of meats and marinades. These seasonings capture the essence of European culinary heritage, adding depth and richness to your dishes.

Curry Vadouvan (Français) 454 g Royal Command
SKU: 182104
Price: 31,88 CA$ 31.88 CAD
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Poudre de Sauce Worhestershire 60 g Epicureal
SKU: 184272
Price: 10,65 CA$ 10.65 CAD
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Assaisonnement Herbes de Provence 55 g Davids
SKU: 187026
Price: 11,29 CA$ 11.290000000000001 CAD
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Curry Vadouvan (Français) 60 g Epicureal
SKU: 182103
Price: 11,82 CA$ 11.82 CAD
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Herbs de Provence Rub (AOC) 15 g Davids
SKU: 187337
Price: 7,76 CA$ 7.76 CAD
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Poudre de Sauce Worcestershire 1 kg Royal Command
SKU: 184270
Price: 53,03 CA$ 53.03 CAD
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Goût de Londres 145 g Davids
SKU: 187393
Price: 13,06 CA$ 13.06 CAD
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Khmeli Suneli - 60 g Davids
SKU: 187039
Price: 11,82 CA$ 11.82 CAD
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