Piment Scotch Bonnet Entier 50 g 24K

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Ajoute une saveur épicée aux ragoûts et marinades. Les piments Scotch Bonnet entiers sont l'un des piments les plus épicés sur l'échelle de Scoville. Ce piment séché est de couleur marron avec un goût fumé, fruité et tropical. Ce piment pousse principalement en Jamaïque et est un ingrédient essentiel de la marinade à la jamaïcaine. Augmentez les épices dans le chili con carne ou la sauce barbecue. Utilisez-les pour faire une sauce maison extrêmement piquante. Ils ajoutent un niveau d'épice supplémentaire au curry de poulet ou de poisson.

Origin: Équateur
More than 60 Years of Specialty Food Sourcing Experience
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    Bonnets écossais



    • DRIED SCOTCH BONNETS – When using dried peppers such as these, rinse them first with warm water. Then let sit in hot water for 10 minutes to rehydrate before adding to your dish whole or chopping.
    • FEEL THE HEAT – The Scotch bonnet is one of the hottest peppers out there, ranking side-by-side with the habanero on the Scoville heat scale! Scotch bonnets are hot peppers, very hot, but they can have an almost sweet, vaguely fruity taste underlying the spice.
    • A CARIBBEAN CLASSIC – The pepper of choice in the Caribbean, and for good reason. The key ingredient in pepper sauce, a typical Caribbean condiment. The pepper grows mainly in Jamaica and is an essential ingredient in jerk marinade. Up the heat in chili con carne or in barbeque sauce for pork ribs. Use them to make a fiery homemade hot sauce. They add heat to chicken or fish curry for roti.
    • COOKING WITH SCOTCH BONNET – In some preparations, it's simply chopped or minced and added to the food in the early stages of cooking. You can reduce a lot of the heat from the Scotch bonnet pepper by removing its seeds as well as the membrane found inside the pepper. Consider wearing cooking gloves while handling.
    • BRINGS HEAT AND FLAVOUR – The dried chilli is maroon coloured and wrinkled with a smoky, tropical fruit and spice flavour. Sometimes used whole to impart flavor without the full impact of their heat. The more finely the pepper is chopped, the more heat is spread in the dish. And be sure to take care when you're chopping the pepper! You'll definitely feel the effects if it comes in contact with your skin - don’t touch your eyes or mouth!

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