2021 Flavour Trends For Foodies
by Jodi MacKinnon (QFG)

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2021 flavour trends for foodies bring feelings of global travel to the dinner table. In a year ripe with do-it-yourself dough, air-fried adventures, and kitchen sink cookies, more and more foodies scour for ways to brighten classic dishes on their dinner tables.

Brightening the table has involved experimenting with new herbs and spices in dishes you would not suspect. Whether you’re a restaurant looking to revamp your menu to stand out from the competitor next door or a foodie looking to pack a punch with dinner, look out for these up-and-coming flavour trends in 2021.


Another spice blend you might rub into in 2021 is Za’atar. Za’atar features tangy, herbal, nutty, and toasty flavours with a tinge of acidity, reminiscent of citrusy blends. You may recognize Za’atar from previous dishes you’ve tried like seasoned kebabs or hummus, but Za’atar is now making its way into sunnyside up eggs and potato wedges. Breakfast joints need to step their game up!

We manufacture our Za'atar Rub right here in Canada in our warehouses in Toronto and Vancouver. Because we manufacture the blend ourselves, we ensure that each of the individual spices used in the blend, like:

  • Cumin

  • Onion

  • Thyme

  • Sumac

… are all fresh, robust, and guaranteed to to give your customers the flavourful kick they’re craving.

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Black Lime

Black Lime, also known as Loomi or Omani Lime, is a dried version of key lime (cue daydreams about key lime pie) that features a sweet, tangy, tart, and semi-fermented flavour. What’s the difference a lime and a black lime? After boiling regular limes in brine, black limes are dried in the sun until the inner pulp black. Then, they’re ground into a powder with a spice grinder.

Traditionally found in Middle Eastern cuisine, this fermented citrus blend has recently popped up in cocktails like gin and tonic, and rum with angostura bitters. Similar to Za’atar, Black Lime seasoning revives heavy meaty dishes and adds dimension to otherwise boring roasted vegetables or make a citrusy herbal dried lime tea to relax after dinner.

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When we think of lavender, we think of purple fields, essential oils, and the blissful aura of a spa. We almost never think of potato chips, but that’s exactly where artisans may be taking lavender this year.

To optimize their natural healing properties and sentiments associated with relaxation, more bakeries, restaurants, and foodies seek to incorporate the floral notes of lavender into their ice creams, pies, and yes, now their potato chips too.

Anyone well versed with lavender knows that without its strength and freshness, lavender falls short of its name. That’s why it’s vital to get your lavender from a reliable supplier like Qualifirst.

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Garam Masala

Whether your first time with Garam Masala was in Chicken Tikka or Chicken Korma, the encounter was a memorable one. Packed with earthy flavours like:

  • Cumin

  • Cinnamon

  • Cardamom

  • Pepper

  • Coriander

… Garam Masala offers the versatility that food connoisseurs hunt for and their customers crave.

Though we’ve traditionally found comfort in mixing Garam Masala into savoury stews to add a spicy kick, you’ll begin to see Garam Masala in some unsuspecting places like ice cream and baked potatoes. Imagine walking down the boardwalk with a Garam Masala-infused espresso topped with whipped cream. Doesn’t sound all that crazy now, does it?

And since Garam Masala is comprised of such a succinct and unique blend of individual spices, getting a high-quality blend into your recipes will make all the difference to the taste.

Qualifirst manufactures all of our blends in our warehouses in Toronto and Vancouver. This means that your Garam Masala, Black Lime, Lavender, or any other herb or spice doesn’t lose its robust flavours while collecting dust on a shelf.

With Qualifirst, you know you’ll get:

  • The quality you want. We manufacture our herbs and spices in small to medium batches and ship them right to your door while they’re still fresh.

  • The quantity you need. Not sure if lavender can become a hit with your patrons? Order your herbs and spices from us in the quantities that suit you.

  • Affordability. You automatically qualify for a wholesale discount and free shipping on orders over $50.

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Ready to tackle some new flavours? Order your herbs and spices now.

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