Reality of Quality: Herbs de Provence
by Yves Farges (QFG)

At Qualifirst Foods, we continuously search for the best products and ingredients the world has to offer.

During a recent European trip in search of new delicacies, I found myself in Trets, a lost village in the Provence region of France. There, in the shadows of the magnificent limestone and red rock cliffs of Sainte Victoire, I discovered the essence of Herbs de Provence.

Distinguishing between real Herbs de Provence and inferior blends is not difficult. The difference is immediately obvious.

How do I know?

While touring a small facility in Trets, particularly curious to experience  the harvest and production of these herbs, I was suddenly enveloped by an aroma so powerful, it is almost impossible to describe.

Fennel so amazing, its aroma reached my senses from 20 feet away!

I immediately imagined how the infusion of these authentic Provencal herbs would elevate the flavor of oh so many meals. Something only REAL Herbs de Provence could do.

What do I mean by REAL Herbs de Provence?

The question I tried to reconcile during my visit was why some Herbs de Provence blends amaze, while others exhibit a noticeable drop off in aromatic exuberance and flavour?

The answer was simple. The less potent blends, the ones that use thyme from the Ukraine for example, don’t exclusively contain herbs grown in the Provencal gardens.

Many suppliers substitute inferior herbs from other regions to save cost.

Once you experience the REAL Herbs de Provence, that substitution means sacrificing the aroma and flavor that make this herb blend so endeared.

The noticeable difference in quality is immediate.

Qualifirst Foods is proud to now offer authentic Herbs de Provence, personally sourced from the idyllic home of this versatile herb blend.

Every herb in our Epicureal and Royal Command Herbs de Provence line carries the AOC designation guaranteeing authenticity; ensuring they contain only the REAL Herbs de Provence, for which there simply is no substitute.

In addition to fine blends, these authentic herbs are also packaged individually.

Try Epicureal and Royal Command oregano, rosemary, savory and thyme and quickly discover the distinct quality only authenticity provides.

This is just one more way we share our passion for food and continue our commitment to sourcing only the best possible products and ingredients available… anywhere!

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