Essential Uses for Essential Oils
by Jodi MacKinnon (QFG)

When we think of essential oils, our thoughts immediately turn to ideas of aromatherapy. Many people do not know how many uses there are for essential oils. From keeping your home clean and fresh and minimizing cooking odours, to making your clothes drawers smell nice and eliminating pet odours - these oils have a variety of remarkable uses.

Cleaning your Home

If you want to freshen up your home and get rid of odours, use essential oils. You can put a few drops of essential oil on a cottonwool ball and place it in a drawer to make your clothes drawers odour-free. You can replace the harmful synthetic air-fresheners that you use in your bathroom with the pleasant aroma of lemon, grapefruit, orange, or pine oils. 
Freshen stale air in the home in seconds by putting a few drops of lavender, pine, or lemon oil in a spray bottle with water and shake. Spray the mist into the air around your home and make your home smell like a green forest or field of flowers.

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If you have a furry four-legged friend living with you, you may have stale unwanted odours lingering around the home. Try lemongrass and geranium oil and add it to a bucket of warm water and mop the areas that your pet sleeps or sits in the most. If your home is carpeted, you can use these oils in a spray bottle and apply. 

In a time where disinfecting is even more important and when grocery store disinfectants may not be available - essential oils may be the way to go. Essential oils have antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Mix a few drops of lavender, tea tree, or lemon oil in a diluted soap and place in a spray bottle and disinfect your counters, kitchen, and bathroom.

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Love to cook meals with a lot of flavour and spice? If you want to neutralize cooking odours after you’ve made a big dinner for the family, place a large pan on the stove and wait until it begins to simmer. Then add cardamon, cinnamon or clove essential oils to get rid of that lingering cooking odour.



If You are looking to add more balance and peace into your life, try adding aromas that relax and calm you. Rose, sandalwood, lavender, and jasmine oils are all perfect for that extra bit of Zen. 
If you love potpourri and the bowl you have in your bathroom has lost most of its scent, just add a few drops of your favourite essential oil and it will revive it.
If you get hit with a nasty cold or flu, a good tip is to put some eucalyptus drops into a pot of simmering water and allow the fragrance to open up your congested nasal passages, allowing you to breathe more clearly.
Essential oils have been around for hundreds of centuries because of their amazing benefits. Which oils do you use and for what reason? Let us know in the comment section below!

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