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Pure Copper Barware

Introduce the warm vibrance of copper in your bar or restaurant by opting for an inherently classic barware style. This eye-catching pure copper barware suits everything from colonial to contemporary styles, and they make your drink service that much better.

Give a creative vibe to a perfectly created drink with our one-piece, two-piece, and four-piece Moscow mule mugs with smaller cocktail accessories that look exquisite in tow. Efficiently blend and shake your cocktails in a copper cocktail shaker, or serve up to nine standard drinks with a clean 70 oz pitcher. Worried about leaving stains and scratches on the table? Choose coasters that look cool.

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July 28, 2021

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Moscow Mule Mug w/Shot 4 Piece Set Artigee
SKU: ARTG-5004
MSRP: 66,00 CA$
Your price: 44,82 CA$ 44.82 CAD
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Moscow Mule Mug Set (Tall) 4pc Set Artigee
SKU: ARTG-5007
MSRP: 68,00 CA$
Your price: 46,00 CA$ 46.0 CAD
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Moscow Mule w/Jigger, Spoon, Straws Set Artigee
SKU: ARTG-5005
MSRP: 45,00 CA$
Your price: 32,47 CA$ 32.47 CAD
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Moscow Mule Mug Set w/Utilies 4pc Set Artigee
SKU: ARTG-5006
MSRP: 83,00 CA$
Your price: 55,52 CA$ 55.52 CAD
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Copper Pitcher 70 oz Artigee
SKU: ARTG-5010
MSRP: 48,00 CA$
Your price: 34,23 CA$ 34.230000000000004 CAD
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