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Si vous aimez la germination, vous connaissez déjà l'Acide Citrique, un conservateur naturel présent dans les agrumes tels que citrons et limes. Poudre blanche cristalline qui agit à titre de conservateur naturel et produit une saveur acidulée, l'Acide Citrique est ajouté à la crème glacée comme émulsifiant. Il peut être combiné au sucre dans la fabrication de caramel pour prévenir la cristallisation, ou remplacer le citron dans les recettes. Il contribue au pétillant des boissons gazeuses, et augmente le contenu en acidité dans les conserves.

Origin: Chine
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    Acide citrique.



    • FOOD PRESERVATIVE – Citric Acid Is A Food Preservative Found In Citrus Fruits Such As Lemons and Limes. This Fine Granular Non-GMO Citric Acid Powder Is The Perfect Tool For Sprouting, Canning, Drying or Freezing, Conserving, Jarring And So Much More. We’re Proudly A Product Of USA.
    • IN THE KITCHEN – Our 100% Pure Food Grade Citric Acid Has Many Uses In The Kitchen Such As Making Ice Cream, Candy, Or Bread. Citric Acid Adds An Acidic or Sour Taste When Used For Cooking With Meats Or Soft Drinks. Dusting Some Powder Over Freshly Cut Fruits Will Keep Them From Browning, A Great Way To Keep Fruits And Vegetables Fresh And Foods Flavorful.
    • ELIMINATE BAD ODORS – Many Of Your Favourite Household Cleaning Products Have One Secret Ingredient In Common, Citric Acid! Create Your Own Liquid Cleaner Without Harsh Chemicals To Eliminate The Toughest Of Stains And Help Conquer Pet & Other Odors In Your Home. You Can Even Use Citric Acid To Create Your Own Laundry Detergent.
    • CLEANING SURFACES & DESCALING APPLIANCES – Citric Acid Is Known To Be Extremely Effective In Cleaning & Descaling Appliances Such As Dishwashers, Electric Boilers, Washing Machines, Coffee Makers, And Many Many Other Household Appliances. Anywhere Water Residue Can Build Up, Such As Bathrooms And Kitchens, Citric Acid Powder Can Be Used To Remove Limescale Buildup And Mineral Rings, Leaving Everywhere It Touches Bright And Clean.
    • PUT THE “BOMB” IN BATH BOMBS – Citric Acid Is Also What Makes Bath Bombs Fizz, Dissolve, And Disperse Throughout Bath Water. When Combined With Baking Soda And A Few Other Ingredients You’ll Have A Homemade Bathbomb Which Rivals Those Sold In Luxury Retailers Across The Country. Keep An Eye On Your Email, We’ll Be Sending You Our Favourite Bath Bomb Recipe Soon After Ordering!

    If you're into sprouting then you're already familiar with Citric Acid (anhydrous), a natural preservative typically found in citrus fruits such as lemons and limes. A white crystalline powder that acts as a natural preservative and also produces a sour taste in foods, Citric Acid is added to ice cream as an emulsifying agent. It can be used with sugar when making caramel to prevent crystallization, or can be used in recipes in place of lemon juice. Citric Acid helps to create the fizz in carbonated beverages and is used in canning to increase the acidity content in ingredients such as tomatoes.

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