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Pastry Packaging

Packaging is an important part of the way your pastries and other confections are presented to customers. In the age of Instagram, picture perfect presentation is a top priority. 

Enthusiasts travel far and wide just to get a snap of the perfect macaron in Paris or a carefully dusted Pasteis de Nata in Portugal. 

Of course, you don’t have to travel so far to get the right packaging for your pastries. Our warehouses in Toronto and Vancouver are stocked with pastry packaging right now. And a low minimum order of just $50 to qualify for free shipping means you can test out new packaging with your customers before committing to a large volume purchase. 

Pastry packaging doesn’t have to steal the show. It has to support the rich colours and textures of your creations. 

Simple brown candy cups are perfect packaging to use when you showcase your pistachio ganache truffles, mint chocolate truffles, or other chocolate creations. They protect your customers’ favourite flavours from melting when handled. Our selection of packaging ensures that your chocolate truffles and pâte de fruits look as delectable from the moment they go on display to the first bite.

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