Ceramic Copper Pan Sets

Feel the difference in your kitchen by switching to copper cookware for your collection. These restaurant quality copper pans are durable, highly heat-conductive, and seasoned for immediate use in your kitchen.

Searing steaks and pan-frying chicken will never be the same, with a copper frying pan set that includes a stir-fry pan, grill pan, and eggpan, and the perfect 12-piece copper cookware set that gives you or cooks everything they need to prepare your entire menu. The non-stick surface is easy to clean and protects against food burning. Keep oil splashes under control with a simple steel mesh splatter screen.

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MSRP: 75,00 CA$ 51.870000000000005 CAD
Online Price: 51,87 CA$
MSRP: 112,00 CA$ 77.01 CAD
Online Price: 77,01 CA$
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