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DIY Ingredients

We’ve got all self-care enthusiasts covered with our collection of DIY ingredients. Whether you’re creating homemade personal care products as gifts, to sell, or to just enjoy, high-quality ingredients will return a high-quality finished product that you can feel proud of. Make your own scented body wash with soap crystal melt & pour and set the mood with homemade candles made from soy wax flakes. The process of making your own self-care products from natural and environmentally-friendly ingredients will make self-care Sunday that much more enjoyable.

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Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (Non-FD) 454 g Czaviar
SKU: 601101
MSRP: 53,90 CA$
Your price: 37,70 CA$ 37.7 CAD
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Perles de Jojoba Blanches 15 150 g Czaviar
SKU: 601103
MSRP: 29,90 CA$
Your price: 23,59 CA$ 23.59 CAD
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Flocons de Cire de Soja Doré 2 2 lbs Czaviar
SKU: 601104
MSRP: 20,00 CA$
Your price: 17,76 CA$ 17.76 CAD
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Soap Crystal Melt & Pour (Non Food) 2 lbs Czaviar
SKU: 601105
MSRP: 20,00 CA$
Your price: 17,76 CA$ 17.76 CAD
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