Michel Cluizel Couvertures

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The Manufacture CLUIZEL created a unique quality commitment, the only one of its kind in the whole world, which certifies the fine selection of raw materials and appears on every single product.

This ‘Noble Ingredients’ commitment provides professionals with the guarantee that only pure cocoa butter, Bourbon vanilla pod and sugar are used in the recipes. Moreover, CLUIZEL chocolates are guaranteed without soy and without added flavors.

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Cluizel recipes and complete collection catalog is below to explore more of this exciting range of chocolate.

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Recipe Guide

A comprehensive collection of recipes comprising plated desserts as well as desserts for cafes. French classics like Creme Brulee, Mousse, and Tiramisu.

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Food Service Collection

Complete Cluizel Food service collection Catalog. Overview of the entire couverture range as well as interiors, shells and decorations. 

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The Basics

Back the basics; everyday recipes that are industry staples. Experience the Cluizel difference upgrading your couverture selection with exciting new flavor notes. 

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Caozelo the Craft Chocolate

Caozelo couvertures were crafted as the everyday couverture discover the range of 66%, 55%, 38% and 30%.