Should You Use Yuzu Pao or Yuzu Bang?
If you're wondering what's the difference between Yuzu Bang and Yuzu Pao and how to best use them, then this blog post is for you.
by Yves Farges (QFG)

At Qualifirst we get asked a lot of questions about the difference between Yuzu Pao and Yuzu Bang. So we thought we might as well share the following insights in a blog post. Enjoy!

Quelle est la différence entre le Yuzu Bang et le Yuzu Pao?

What Is The Difference Between Yuzu Pao And Yuzu Bang?

  • a. Yuzu Pao is a Sriracha Style condiment, meaning that the ingredients are finely pureed and tightened up with a gum product (tree sap).

  • b. Whole Yuzu fruit is utilized in Yuzu Pao. Yuzu BANG only utilizes the zest of Yuzu.

  • c. Yuzu Pao utilizes sugar & honey to bring more of the Yuzu fruit flavor out, Yuzu Bang does not.

  • d. Yuzu Bang is what we call a Tabasco style hot sauce, meaning that it is a Vinegar based condiment. The flavor is more acidic with a more subtle hit of Yuzu citrus but still picks up the wonderful nose of Yuzu fruit.

What are the applications of Yuzu BANG and Yuzu PAO?

For Yuzu Pao, recommendations include using as a condiment burgers, sandwiches, fish tacos, an ingredient to stir fries, noodle dishes, rice dishes, sashimi, sushi, dressings, mayonnaise based sauces, BBQ sauces, etc….

For Yuzu Bang, recommendations include using it as a condiment to simply enhance flavor by dashing Yuzu Bang to balance acidity or to give a kick of heat. Yuzu Bang delivers heat with a citrus edge and enlightens your pallet from the traditional hot sauce fatigue.

Additional Information/Notes:

Although the ingredients are similar, the finished products are completely different in both flavor, texture and use.

In both Yuzu Pao and Yuzu Bang, fresh Green Jalapenos and fresh Red Jalapenos are utilized.

Red Jalapenos were chosen and used as the flavor of this chili (compared to several other red chilies) paired perfectly with Yuzu.

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