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Liquid Sweeteners

When you want a sweet touch in your cocktail or mocktail without gritty, grainy sugar particles sinking to the bottom, premade liquid sweeteners are a quick, easy solution.

Explore the possibilities with Pomegranate Molasses from Turkey, Simple Syrup or 100% natural Agave Liquid Nectar from the US, Canadian Birch Syrup, or something else entirely, you can stock your pantry with just a few clicks.

Use these liquid sweeteners to add something new to your signature dishes and leave your customers asking wow, what was that!?

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Agave Liquid Nectar 1.35 kg Dinavedic
SKU: 152592
Price: 34.70 CA$ 34.7 CAD
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Agave Liquid Nectar 2 kg Almondena
SKU: 152599
Price: 49.25 CA$ 49.25 CAD
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Agave Liquid Nectar 250 ml Dinavedic
SKU: 257350
Price: 13.00 CA$ 13.0 CAD
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Birch Syrup 250 ml Dinavedic
SKU: 258201
Price: 53.00 CA$ 53.0 CAD
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Blackstrap Molasses 2 kg Dinavedic
SKU: 257013
Price: 24.93 CA$ 24.93 CAD
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Brown Rice Syrup DE42 2 kg Royal Command
SKU: 152677
Price: 42.78 CA$ 42.78 CAD
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Date Syrup - 500 ml Dinavedic
SKU: 257361
Price: 23.59 CA$ 23.59 CAD
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Fir Tree Syrup Organic 250 ml Abies Lagrimuss
SKU: 258210
Price: 36.59 CA$ 36.59 CAD
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Glucose Syrup 42DE 60 lbs Royal Command
SKU: 257002
Price: 215.22 CA$ 215.22 CAD
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Invertase Liquid - 125 ml Royal Command
SKU: 152679
Price: 16.53 CA$ 16.53 CAD
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Liquid Trimoline Invert Sugar 7 kg Qualifirst
SKU: 152530
Price: 89.24 CA$ 89.24 CAD
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Malt Extract Liquid 1.25 kg Bitarome
SKU: 162897
Price: 27.50 CA$ 27.5 CAD
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Maple Syrup Organic 100% Pure GRADE A 4 L Royal Command
SKU: 258125
Price: 119.41 CA$ 119.41 CAD
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Pomegranate Molasses 250 ml Epicureal
SKU: 257017
Price: 14.18 CA$ 14.18 CAD
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Simple Syrup 125 ml Social Syryp
SKU: 163635
Price: 10.65 CA$ 10.65 CAD
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Simple Syrup 500 ml Social Syryp
SKU: 163614
Price: 15.35 CA$ 15.35 CAD
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Sorghum Syrup - 500 ml Dinavedic
SKU: 257341
Price: 23.04 CA$ 23.04 CAD
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Sorghum Syrup 2 L Dinavedic
SKU: 257006
Price: 46.01 CA$ 46.01 CAD
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