The Curry Powder Chronicles

Take a trip around the world with three curry powder blends.

Mustard yellow, earthy, and rich. Curry powder isn’t your run-of-the-mill spice blend. It’s the kind of spice that catches your attention even when you see it from the corner of your eye in a TV commercial - bright, sharp, and unapologetically tasty.

You’ve thought about stocking curry powder in your grocery store or seasoning your tilapia in your seafood shop, but the name throws you off a bit. Curry powder. Probably only suitable for a curry. Let’s take a quick trip around the world to see how three different regions use curry powder blends in their dishes.

These are the Curry Powder Chronicles.

Singapore Rice Noodles

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Cook Singapore Rice noodles with Madras curry powder, a colourful blend of spices that often includes:

  • Coriander

  • Turmeric

  • Cumin

  • Fenugreek

  • Chilli

Against the crunchy peppers and carrots, the soft rice noodles envelop the fragrant and earthy texture of the curry powder. Pockets of flavour burst open with each bite, making each forkful more enjoyable than the previous one.

Because of the diversity of spices used in this blend, dishes that use a form of Madras curry powder feature both sweet and savoury flavours that vary in their spiciness, based on the amount and type of chilli used. And because of its savoury notes, Madras curry powder is versatile and pairs well with beef, pork, and other meaty ingredients.

Unlocking that rich, earthy taste in a curry powder all depends on the individual spices used to create a blend. That’s why it’s crucial to get your herb and spice blends from a supplier that carries small to medium-sized batches like Qualifirst, so you know every aspect of the blend promises freshness and a robust flavour.

Jamaican Curry Chicken

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Caribbean dishes are famous for their spice, so if you thought Caribbean curry powder blends would be the spiciest out of the bunch, you were right. Aside from adding a spicy kick to traditional Jamaican curry chicken, Colombo Caribbean curry powder is delicious with other meats like goat or pork, while also providing an aromatic richness in vegetable stews.

Caribbean curry powders bring the Caribbean heat straight to you, not just through their use of chilli, but with their ability to mix well into thick and rich sauces that perfectly braise meats. A good curry powder gives slippery meat texture and dimension, packing a unique blend of flavour down to the bone.

Colombo is a West Indian curry powder made of:

  • Turmeric

  • Coriander

  • Salt

  • Fenugreek

  • Garlic

  • Mustard

  • Allspice

  • Chilli

  • Cumin

  • Fennel

  • Paprika

  • Black pepper

… many of which are commonly used spices in your kitchen.

The quality of a curry powder blend makes all the difference. That list of spices we just showed you increases or decreases, not just in quantity but also quality, depending on the source of your spices.

Wholesale spice suppliers like Qualifirst pick the finest ingredients to make seasoning blends like curry powder so your business can guarantee the robust curry powder experience your customers look for.

We manufacture our Colombo curry powder in our warehouses in Toronto and Vancouver. That means the spices and herbs you order from us haven’t been shipped from abroad and then sitting on dusty shelves, losing their flavour before they even get to you. We make them fresh and we deliver them to you quickly.

Savoury Egg Salad

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We know you didn’t expect to see this one on the list. Curry powder is ripe with surprises like that. Adding a pinch or two of curry powder into your egg salad mixture gives it that extra twist that otherwise boring lunches deserve, while the turmeric naturally boosts the yellow eggy look of the dish.

At Qualifirst, we believe that every meal - even an egg salad sandwich - should entice the tastebuds of you and your patrons with unique flavours made from world-class ingredients. The versatility of a blend like a curry powder allows you to enhance every dish you make with the smallest dash. Heck, we’d even put it on our popcorn.

Ready to begin your own curry powder chronicles?

Qualifirst makes trying new flavours easy for you and your customers.

When you buy your spices in bulk from Qualifirst, you:

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This is the sign you needed to try a new flavour.

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