Are You Making These 3 Mistakes with Your CBD Edible Ingredients
by Jodi MacKinnon (QFG)

Become the leader in the CBD edible manufacturing industry with these basic ingredient improvements.

CBD edible products always look good. The branding is always minimalistic and clean, with the letters C-B-D carefully stamped across the top. The edible itself looks appetizing, vibrant and tangy when it’s a gummy or fudgy and moist, just like the traditional brownies consumers warm up to.

But CBD edible manufacturers sometimes struggle to find ingredients that make their products taste as good as they look. They know that no matter how good their CBD product is, mediocre flavours in their products get their competitors way ahead of them. We’ve outlined common mistakes or “do nots” when it comes to selecting ingredients in the CBD edible manufacturing process.

1.Skimping Out On Quality

CBD-infused edibles aren’t novelties. With the increase of CBD product production in Canada over the past few years, CBD edibles went from an adventurous weeknight staple to a common pantry item. To complement the beneficial effects of the high-quality CBD you use, combine it with high-quality ingredients that are good and good for you.

CBD edible consumers often purchase your products for their therapeutic benefits, meaning they’re likely health-conscious and read the ingredient label on your product. Swapping out artificial flavours for natural extracts helps you win over those health-conscious customers.

Take CBD-infused mints, for example. Prolog their long shelf life and make them perfect for storing in a purse or a desk drawer with our high-quality natural Bitarome extracts. Just a few drops of these extracts give your edible a natural flavouring without adding any sweetness. You can create the classic peppermint experience or experiment with new flavours like chocolate or raspberry.

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2. Lacking Flavour.

By the end of March 2021, there were 3,215,498 packaged units of edible cannabis products in Canada, with 2,126,211 of those sales used for non-medical purposes. These numbers probably come as no surprise for those looking to capture business in the CBD edible market.

With so many CBD edible manufacturers in the fighting pit, making your CBD edibles taste good outweighs the importance of making them look good. Consumers have stopped chasing after their “first experience with CBD edibles.” CBD edibles in Canada are now food. Like all food, they need to offer memorable flavours to keep indulgers coming back for more.

Try cultivating a luxurious CBD edible experience with Michel Cluizel Chocolate Couverture with rich texture and hints of berries, coffee, or gingerbread while preserving a heat-resistant shelf life. With our wide variety of options, you’ll find ingredients to appeal to your customers’ sweet and savoury sides.

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3. Producing Inconsistent Products.

CBD edible consumers expect consistency. When flavours, colours, and textures of ingredients change within a CBD edible product to consumers, it’s indicative that properties within the CBD have changed too. This can be offputting to many consumers digging into the CBD edible world.

That’s why it’s essential to maintain the consistency of your CBD edibles with reliable ingredients that come from a reliable ingredient distributor like Qualifirst. We’ve been importing and manufacturing goods in Canada since 1957 and pride ourselves in helping Canadians serve high-quality foods, and now, edibles. Each item in our collection is carefully selected to ensure that your products maintain consistency throughout.

Your favourite ingredients might come from Fiji or Belgium, but you won’t have to wait long for them to get to you. Our fully stocked distribution centers in Toronto and Vancouver offer fast and easy delivery so you can keep up when demand spikes.

If you find yourself studying the ingredient label of the last edible you came across, we won’t be surprised.

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Ready to start upgrading your CBD edible ingredients? Browse our carefully curated selection now.

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