Feeling Isolated? 4 Ways Baking can relieve Stress and Anxiety
by Jodi MacKinnon (QFG)
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Feeling Isolated? 4 Ways Baking Can Relieve Stress & Anxiety 

Believe it or not, you can find a source relief in kneading dough, whisking eggs, mixing  colourful ingredients, and decorating cookies and cakes. Whether we like to admit it or  not, baking can be a great tool when it comes to all sorts of mental health concerns,  including anxiety, depression, and overall stress. 

Attractive Colours, Forming Shapes and Scents 

Just because we age does not mean that we like sensory activities any less. Add fun  colours to your dessert recipes, make shapes out of your cookies and add vanilla or  peppermint extract to your cake mix. When you are feeling down and out, certain smells  might awaken your senses that allow you to connect to and be reminded of happier  times in your life.  


When we bake, we are in the moment. (Hopefully, especially when using the oven!) The  next time you pull out your favourite recipe, really be present. Notice your hands as you  knead the dough, watch the liquid as you pour it and observe the mixing of colours. The  more you are living in the moment as you bake, the more connected you will feel – with  yourself and your surroundings. This will help with feelings of loneliness and get you out  of your head space. It can also calm and quiet the soul.  

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Being Productive When Stuck Isolated at Home

No one could have predicted this pandemic. We were not by any means prepared for  being so isolated from the rest of the world. While we all hope to find more solutions to  COVID-19 soon, we must take care of our day-to-day mental health needs.  

Baking can be great for keeping you busy and feeling productive during the day.  Because, well, you can only clean your house so many times a week, right? Baking is  so much more fun and creative than cleaning. Make sure to put baking (or if you do not  like baking, then cooking) on your list of ways to keep busy while we go through this  uncertain time in our lives. 

Give the Gift of Baked Goods

With the upcoming holiday season, why not get baking and brighten up the day of your  family and friends who have been isolating as well. Show them how much you care  about them by creating some cute and hopeful cookies and then drop them off by their  door. This act of kindness will provide you with purpose and meaning and your loved  ones will feel loved. 

Remember – we are all in this together. Take it easy on yourself, be kind to yourself and  yes, eat a gigantic slice of the next yummy cake you bake. You deserve it!



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