Cordials For Your Pantry This Summer To Make The Best Cocktails!
by Jodi MacKinnon (QFG)

New Interesting Cordials For Your Pantry

Exciting Flavours To Add To Your Cocktails

Secret Ingredient to So Many of Your Favourite Cocktails

Cocktail aficionados use cordial mixers all the time. They are sweet flavour infusions - the secret ingredients to so many of your favourite cocktails. And buying yours pre-made means you can make better drinks with less effort.

Save Time. Your can save a ton of time and energy, and still enjoy a nice drink at the end of the day with these incredibly convenient codials.

All are non-alcoholic. So you can use them in all kinds of family-friendly drinks.

Let us share some of our favourite summer Cordials and some our fan picked recipes with you!

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Social Syryp Simple Syrup

Plain Simple Syrup is an essential ingredient for any mixologist.

Mojito, Mai Tai, Daiquiri, Amaretto Sour, Cosmopolitan, Fernet, Virgin Appletini, Shirley Temple.

The drinks go on and on.
If you don’t have this staple in your pantry, you should.

Bottlegreen Pomegranate & Elderflower Cordial

Exotic pomegranate and fragrant elderflowers come together to create a delicate, subtle, yet refreshing drink.

A delicious addition to a non-alcoholic fruit punch, iced tea, or added to seltzer water and garnished with vanilla ice cream for a tasty float.

This cordial is often used in cocktails including the Hurricane, Pomegranate Daiquiri and Pomegranate Mojito.
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Elderflower Cordial, Lime Cordial, and a mint garnish, best served in a hurricane, cordial, or wine glass with a splash of prosecco.

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Social Syryp Elderflower Cordial Mixer

Elderflower Cordial Mix is made with sweetly fragrant elderflowers and sugar.

It makes an ethereal and elegant aperitif when mixed with champagne, sparkling wine, or white wine. It adds a refreshing floral flavour mixed with sparkling water or iced tea.

Elderflower Cordial Mix pairs beautifully with gin, Grand Marnier, and bourbon and is used in cocktails like the Grand Esprit and Orange Blossom.

A light and fruity rum cocktail with a hint of sweet almond and a green hue.

Bottlegreen Ginger & Lemongrass Cordial

An enticing far-eastern blend of fragrant lemongrass and piquant ginger. Perfect with hot water on a cold winter’s night.

This non-alcoholic cordial mixer makes a delicious ginger ale, and brings a spicy aftertaste when combined with fruit juices.

It makes an easy (but wonderfully flavourful) cocktail when combined with black spiced rum and a splash of water. Add some to a daiquiri for something really special.

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Cordials Mixers are as essential as whiskey in your bar. Make sure you have what you need to make good cocktails and mocktails at the end of a buy day.

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