You can taste the difference quality makes. All of the gourmet and specialty food products you’ll find here at Qualifirst represent the very finest quality available in the world. How do we know?We personally travel the world over to find the very best products and make them all accessible in one spot. It’s like having a grand world market right at your fingertips. In fact, we’ve made finding the world’s best specialty foods our #1 priority for more than 50 years. Try these products in your kitchen and the quality of your dishes will speak for themselves.


We have a passion for food and we love to share all the goodness we’ve discovered with others. Our customers and clients are true foodies – people who share our passion for world-class ingredients, cutting-edge techniques and exquisite presentation.

We enjoy travelling and discovering true food artisans that share the same passion for food as we do. Our products are personally sourced so you can be assured we’ve done our homework in providing only the very best. We love finding family-owned producers, many of which have practiced their methods for generations; products that are created in small batches and lovingly watched over with unyielding standards. Every great dish begins with stellar ingredients and we believe you’ll appreciate the great dishes you can make with these products.

We’ve come to consider our suppliers as friends – friendships that were created out of a mutual love of good, quality food. It’s simply getting more difficult in our hectic, modern world to find products that don’t sacrifice integrity or that don’t use shortcuts as a way to ‘get to market’ faster or in greater supply.

To us, Passion for Food isn’t just simply a sales campaign. It’s who we are. It’s easy for us to represent with confidence the products we sell, because we know our stock-in-trade is quality. That’s what our company was founded on more than a half-century ago – ingredients that taste as they should in their most natural state. Chocolate that tastes like chocolate, olive oil that’s fruity and silky, ingredients that are authentic to their name, origin and taste.  Most of our products are made from all-natural ingredients and artisan methods, many passed down through generations. You can taste the difference quality makes, and you can taste the passion poured into every product Qualifirst sells. It is food in its purest form. And we love it.   


Turn an ordinary bowl of vanilla ice cream into a magical dessert experience simply by adding a few drizzles of Nectars de Bourgogne blackcurrant coulis. Serve an almost instant gourmet supper by topping some family-crafted Morelli pasta with one of Vino de Milo’s artisanal sauces. Experience the flavour transformation our quality sea salts and peppercorn mills will have on grilled and roasted meats.

From the pure indulgence of Michel Cluizel chocolate, to the pure elegance of Castillo de Canena olive oil, we’re proud to help spread the authentic flavours of all of our products and are confident you’ll be able to taste the difference quality makes in every bite.

Compare our products to products you’re already using, or discover a new secret ingredient to help elevate your cooking to another level. Find your inspiration and WOW! your friends, family and guests.  From sandwiches, omelets, and crepes, to stir fries, salads, meats and desserts, you’ll be able to create quick, exciting and flavourful meals every day just by incorporating some of these quality products into your kitchen. We even have a full complement of products that will enhance your favorite beverages and help spark your creative juices.


The food world is crowded with processed products, chemical fertilizers and mass-produced items. It can take a science degree to decipher some of the product labels you find on the store shelves. It’s easy to read the labels on our products because you won’t find unhealthy additives or unnatural flavours. We primarily work with small, family-owned suppliers that make gourmet and specialty foods that are free of preservatives and chemicals. We carry products that are made with real, all-natural ingredients made by artisan suppliers that employ a commitment to quality at every level.

We believe you’ll benefit in knowing exactly what ingredients are used in the dishes you prepare for your family and friends and are confident that you’ll be comforted in knowing you’re eating healthier, tastier food.


It’s a busy world, but finding the time to eat healthier, better tasting food doesn’t have to be time consuming. Eat extraordinary meals every day! We make gourmet cooking easy by offering thousands of gourmet and specialty food products in a one-stop online marketplace. With just a few clicks you can have all-natural, delicious and hard-to-find ingredients shipped right to your kitchen.

You won’t find many of these products on traditional retail shelves, and you won’t have to spend time searching for them. Simply walk through our virtual aisles and discover a whole world of flavours and easy-to-prepare items. We take the guesswork out of finding the best products because we’ve already personally searched the world over to find them for you. There is simply no comparison to the exceptional products we stock. We’ve already compared them.

Need it fast? We offer same-day shipping, 95% in-stock availability, order accuracy and a no-breakage guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Since 1957, Qualifirst Foods has been helping many of Canada’s best chefs, restaurants and specialty stores provide extraordinary experiences to their customers.  Now, you can enjoy warehouse pricing on all of the very same gourmet and specialty food products that have helped Qualifirst be a trusted supplier to Canada’s culinary world for more than 50 years. We’ve earned a reputation for quality, and the quality of our products has earned repeat business with every taste.

We back that up with exceptional customer service through every stage of the ordering and delivery process and are always glad to hear feedback.


We look forward to sharing our passion for food and love hearing about the difference quality makes from our customers.

Want to share your story? Contact us at: info@qualifirst.com and let us know what your passion for food is.

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Valentine's dessert before the main course?

Valentine's dessert before the main course? Do something special for your partner this Valentine’s Day. Skip the Hallmark card and the heart-shaped box of chocolates. Give them something unique and personal.

Here are the 11 best valentines day gifts for 2021 that you can buy in Canada online, and have delivered within 3-days to your home.

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“St-Valentine” Spicy

Melt your partner’s heart with this modern dessert made with fresh raspberries, pink peppercorns, and spicy caramel.

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5. Plantation Chocolates

Your customers can’t travel right now, but you can send them on a trip across Mexico with this gift box of chocolates distinctly flavoured by the soils where the beans were grown.

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5. Plantation Chocolates

Your customers can’t travel right now, but you can send them on a trip across Mexico with this gift box of chocolates distinctly flavoured by the soils where the beans were grown.


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