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Dry Ingredients

Authentically-sourced ingredients are the springboard to great dishes. All real and natural, these gourmet products lend a gush of flavours to your servings. Choose from an extensive variety of blends, seasonings, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and beverages and refine your menu. A better selection of food will infallibly bring you a happier set of customers-turned-regulars.

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Sea Salt Flakes UK Organic 240 g Maldon
SKU: 183634
Price: 14.22 CA$ 14.22 CAD
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Kosher Salt (Coarse) 3 lbs Diamond Crystal
SKU: 183635
Price: 18.34 CA$ 18.34 CAD
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Israeli Toasted Couscous 5 lbs Epigrain
SKU: 204286
Price: 27.18 CA$ 27.18 CAD
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Sesame Seeds Whole Black 500 g Royal Command
SKU: 182050
Price: 17.76 CA$ 17.76 CAD
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Gum Agar Powder 25 g Texturestar
SKU: 093008
Price: 9.00 CA$ 9.0 CAD
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Sea Salt Flakes 1.4 kg Maldon
SKU: 183526
Price: 55.35 CA$ 55.35 CAD
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SMOKED Sea Salt Flakes 125 g Maldon
SKU: 183639
Price: 13.00 CA$ 13.0 CAD
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Spaghetti Black Squid Ink Pasta 500 g Dispac
SKU: 206005
Price: 14.58 CA$ 14.58 CAD
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Rice Paper 22cm Round #1 400 g Rose
SKU: 204135
Price: 12.18 CA$ 12.18 CAD
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Garam Masala 454 g Royal Command
SKU: 183648
Price: 24.82 CA$ 24.82 CAD
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Dextrose Powder 1 kg Royal Command
SKU: 152586
Price: 17.71 CA$ 17.71 CAD
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Togarashi Nanami Dry Chili Blend 60 g YOSHI
SKU: 182089
Price: 10.65 CA$ 10.65 CAD
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Farro Grain Whole 5 lbs Epigrain
SKU: 204013
Price: 37.76 CA$ 37.76 CAD
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Curing Salt (Prague Powder) Pink 120 g Texturestar
SKU: 183644
Price: 9.47 CA$ 9.47 CAD
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Soba Buckwheat Noodles Korea 300 g Sukina
SKU: 204117
Price: 10.12 CA$ 10.120000000000001 CAD
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Sumac Ground 454 g Royal Command
SKU: 182062
Price: 18.94 CA$ 18.94 CAD
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Smoked Sweet Paprika de la Vera 70 g La Dalia
SKU: 184120
Price: 11.82 CA$ 11.82 CAD
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Coconut Chips Toasted 500 g Royal Command
SKU: 240318
Price: 20.06 CA$ 20.06 CAD
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Jasmine White Rice 1 kg Epigrain
SKU: 204026
Price: 14.21 CA$ 14.21 CAD
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Curing Salt (Prague Powder) Pink 1 kg Texturestar
SKU: 183620
Price: 21.23 CA$ 21.23 CAD
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