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Build the lifestyle you’ve always strived for with our unique and carefully curated collection of wares. Whether you’re looking for a dining table that looks as good as the meals you put on it, or a gorgeous kitchen knife that holds an edge and slices through onions like butter, we’ve searched far and wide to bring those goods to you. Here you’ll also find office supplies, personal accessories and personal care, as well as a variety of kitchen tools that maximize your abilities in the kitchen.

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Silica Gel Desiccant 0.5g Sachet 250 g Royal Command
SKU: 152059
Price: 24.76 CA$ 24.76 CAD
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Pipingbags 18 inches (46x26cm) 100 pc One Way
SKU: 152690
Price: 53.31 CA$ 53.31 CAD
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Pipingbags 18 inches (46 by 26cm) 100 pc Almondena
SKU: 152646
Price: 27.12 CA$ 27.12 CAD
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Pipingbags 14 inches (36 by 20cm) 100 pc Almondena
SKU: 152643
Price: 20.06 CA$ 20.06 CAD
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Pipingbags 21 inches (53x28cm) 100 pc One Way
SKU: 152691
Price: 68.50 CA$ 68.5 CAD
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Wine Bottle Cooler Double Wall 1 pc Artigee
SKU: ARTG-5000
Price: 18.65 CA$ 18.650000000000002 CAD
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Steel Mesh Colander Set 4 pc Artigee
SKU: ARTG-6005
Price: 19.98 CA$ 19.98 CAD
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Pipingbags 14 inches (36x20cm) 100 pc One Way
SKU: 152688
Price: 44.53 CA$ 44.53 CAD
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Cookware Set Copper Ceramic 12 Pc Artigee
SKU: ARTG-6002
Price: 80.86 CA$ 80.86 CAD
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N2O Cream Chargers - 10 pc ISI
SKU: 152683
Price: 26.00 CA$ 26.0 CAD
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Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (Non-FD) 454 g Czaviar
SKU: 601101
Price: 39.59 CA$ 39.59 CAD
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Cheese Cloth (2 Sq Yrds) 1 pc Royal Command
SKU: 300485
Price: 18.60 CA$ 18.6 CAD
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Brown Candy Cups 450 pc Artigee
SKU: ARTG-8353
Price: 16.79 CA$ 16.79 CAD
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Bar Set with Bucket 9 Piece Artigee
SKU: ARTG-5001
Price: 37.61 CA$ 37.61 CAD
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Silica Gel Desiccant 10g Sachet 500 g Royal Command
SKU: 152073
Price: 35.35 CA$ 35.35 CAD
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Moscow Mule with Jigger, Spoon, Straws Set Artigee
SKU: ARTG-5005
Price: 33.47 CA$ 33.47 CAD
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German Style Knife with Gift Box 8" Artigee
SKU: ARTG-2001
Price: 24.83 CA$ 24.830000000000002 CAD
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Moscow Mule Mug with Shot 4 Piece Set Artigee
SKU: ARTG-5004
Price: 48.37 CA$ 48.370000000000005 CAD
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Moscow Mule Mug Set (Tall) 4pc Artigee
SKU: ARTG-5007
Price: 43.35 CA$ 43.35 CAD
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Copper Pitcher - 70 oz Artigee
SKU: ARTG-5010
Price: 31.01 CA$ 31.01 CAD
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