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A plant-based supplement to strengthen the immune system, regulate weight, and as an anti-inflammatory. Pine Pollen Powder is a fine, yellow powder derived from the male cones on a coniferous pine tree, and has been used for centuries in Chinese and Korean medicine. A phytoandrogen, raw pine pollen is a rich source of plant-based testosterone that may raise low levels in men and aid in prostate and sexual dysfunction issues. It's also traditionally used in Korea as a flavouring ingredient in sweets and drinks like Hwachae.

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    Pine Pollen


    • HEALTH BENEFITS – Pine Pollen Powder is known for its rich source of plant sourced testosterone, and is known for being used to increase and stabilize testosterone production. Pine pollen also is an anti-inflammatory, is known to strengthen the immune system, and even help regulate weight.
    • TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE – Pine Pollen Powder is a nutritious plant based supplement which has been used in traditional Chinese and Korean medicine for centuries. Raw pine pollen is a rich source of plant based testosterone which supports healthy testosterone levels in men and aids in dealing with issues arising from low testosterone levels.
    • NATURALLY EXTRACTED – Pine Pollen Powder is a plant based supplement powder extracted from the male cones on a coniferous pine tree. Through an all natural production process we’re able to provide the high quality pine pollen powder, which is over 99% cracked cell wall pine pollen.
    • NATURAL TESTOSTERONE BOOST – A frequent usage of Pine Pollen is as a natural testosterone booster to aid mens levels with an all natural method. For men, to test if pine pollen works for specific sexual uses, we advise taking 3 tablespoons before bed mixed with 12-16 oz of water. Upon waking in the morning the effects may be immediately clear. For women, pine pollen may help with cramps and mood swings.
    • USAGE IDEAS – Traditionally used in Korea as a flavouring ingredient in sweets and drinks like hwachae. You can also use Pine Pollen Powder as a healthy additive to your smoothies/shakes, or protein powder. Readily mixes into water, or warm tea, but since pine pollen is raw and has enzymes & other delicate components in tacts, it is best to not use boiling water.

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