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A small grain packing big nutrition. Fonio is a grain that is small and pebbly like quinoa and when cooked, has an appealing nutty aroma and flavour. Native to West Africa, it is gluten-free, has 12 g of protein per cup, is high in iron, fibre, amino acids, and is low glycemic and easily digestible. It's a great substitute for bulgur or couscous and cooks like rice in just 5 minutes. Add it raw to crackers, bread, cookies or brownies. It's delicious as a stuffing for pepper, in pilafs, or as a hot cereal.

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    • HOW TO ENJOY – Fonio grain is a delicious addition to any meal. It has an earthy and slightly nutty flavour which will become your favourite form of grain. Often it is prepared as cereal, however can be used in salads, stews and a variety of side dishes that you and your family will be sure to love.
    • ANCIENT AFRICA – Fonio was cultivated over 5,000 years ago! It is actually one of Africa’s oldest cultivated crops, often served to guests of honor and is known as a food of royalty. This is a must have, rediscovered superfood grain.
    • A SUPER GRAIN – Have you been searching for an alternative grain that is vegan, naturally gluten free, filled with vitamins, amino acids and packed with protein? Look no further! Fonio has it all.
    • THE TASTE OF FONIO – Fonio has an appearance and texture that is considered to be a mix of both quinoa and couscous. It has a nutty flavour and can be put into any recipe you choose.
    • FONIO BANANA BREAD – Let’s start you off with a delicious recipe that will have you in love with Fonio from the get-go! Check out the description below for the detailed instructions.

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