High fat and high protein ingredients are the cornerstones of a ketogenic diet. Similar to the Atkins diet, carbohydrates are restricted. The objectives is to induce a state of ketosis in the body, ideal for rapid weight loss. The bonus is that fat and protein leave dieters feeling sated, not starving. Ketogenic diets also suffer tremendous health benefits including a reverse in type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure, fewer epileptic seizures, and increased energy.


Most sweets are forbidden on the ketogenic diet. Dark chocolate however, with a 70% or higher cocoa content, is allowed, and not only curbs the craving for sweets, but offers the added bonus of being a good source of antioxidants and flavanols, which help reduce the risk of heart disease. Michel Cluizel, one of the world’s great chocolatiers, makes two dark chocolate bars ideal for the diet including the intense Grand Noir bar at 85% cocoa and the more subtle Noir de Cacao at 72%.



Keeping the diet interesting means finding high protein and high-fat ingredients to add to recipes. Nuts like Marcona Almonds can be tossed in salads or used to make pesto or romesco sauce. White Anchovy Fillets and olives, like Nicoise or Cerignola, are essential to a Nicoise salad and can be turned into tapenade as a garnish for omelettes.



Unlike many other diets, fat is not off limits. The high intake leads to decreased hunger and a reduction in blood sugar spikes. On salads and steamed green vegetables, special extra-virgin olive oil like
Early Royal Harvest Castilla de Canena adds a lot of flavour, as does Avocado Oil. Coconut Oil can be used in cooking and even stirred into coffee, while Rendered Duck Fat adds a rich flavour to fried eggs and meats.