Vegelicious Vegan Cooking

Cutting out dairy and animal products is not as difficult, or as dull, as it sounds. There’s an abundance of ingredients that are high in protein and deliver all the necessary nutrients vegans need to maintain good health. Plant-based diets are not just good for the environment and conscience; they’re also naturally heart healthy and delicious.

Protein Grain Blends:

Japgok-Bap Rice Blends are high protein, multigrain alternatives to steamed white rice. Korean-inspired mixes of grains and legumes including jasmine rice, barley, sweet black rice, yellow and green split peas, millet, and short grain brown rice are versatile and delicious. The complex flavour, and pleasing, chewy texture are delicious with stews or mixed with protein and vegetables in dishes like bibimbap.

Vegan Dish 1

Asian Inspiration:

Many Asian pantry staples are naturally vegan-friendly. Stirred into hot vegetable stock, Miso Soya Bean Paste adds a rich umami essence to ramen soup with vegetables, tofu and Soba Noodles or Konnyaku. Make marinades with depth for tofu or tempeh using the elegant, refined White Soya Sauce (Shiro Shoyu). When a spicy kick is called for Yuzu Citrus Green or Red Hot Chili Sauce are the ideal condiments.

Vegan Dish 2

Flavour and Protein Boost:

Give grain and green salads a protein and nutrition boost by adding cooked legumes like Black Chickpeas, Natural Almonds, or calcium-rich Hemp Seeds. Create taste-bud-tingling vinaigrettes with Nectar Bourgogne Fruit Vinegars in fresh flavours like Tomato Pulp, Black Currant and Raspberry.