Gluten Free Baking Made Easy

Mastering gluten-free baking is easy with the right ingredients. Tender sweet treats can be made with substitute flours, starches, and enhancers. Your friends and family can enjoy all their favourites like chocolate chip cookies, banana muffins, crepes, and doughnuts and no one will taste the difference.

Gluten-free Mixes:

Brunch feasts or hot breakfasts before school are a breeze with quick and easy gluten-free mixes from NexJen, like Pancake or Vanilla Pancake/Waffle. They cook up light and fluffy and are made from a nutritious and complex mix of flours including buckwheat, brown rice, and coconut. So delicious when topped with melting butter and pure maple syrup, no one will know it's gluten-free.

gluten-free mixes


Flour substitutes are the cornerstone of the gluten-free pantry. Tender cookies, cakes, and pastries can be made using high-protein and fibre flour like coconut. White rice and tapioca flour make an excellent all-purpose flour substitute. While flours with a stronger flavour, like buckwheat or chestnut, are best in a custom blend.

flour substitutes


Bread bakers use xanthan gum because it mimics the elasticity of gluten in pizza, yeast bread, or cinnamon rolls. It improves the moisture and structure of dough so after baking it doesn’t crumble when sliced. A little goes a long way, and xanthan gum is added at a ratio of ¼ to ½ teaspoon per cup of flour.

xanthan gum