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July 28, 2021

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Gift Ideas

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Creative Flavours Gift Box - 6 x 30 ml Bittered Sling
SKU: 163693
MSRP: 59.90 CA$
Your price: 41.95 CA$ 41.95 CAD
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Frying Pan Set Copper Ceramic 3 Pc Set Artigee
SKU: ARTG-6001
MSRP: 75.00 CA$
Your price: 51.87 CA$ 51.870000000000005 CAD
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Asian Spice Assorted 3pc 1 ct YOSHI
SKU: 187352
MSRP: 21.90 CA$
Your price: 18.88 CA$ 18.88 CAD
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Knife Set w/Carry Case 9 piece Set Artigee
SKU: ARTG-4001
MSRP: 90.00 CA$
Your price: 60.13 CA$ 60.13 CAD
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Plantation Asst'd 28x5g Gift Box 140 g Michel Cluizel
SKU: 170715
MSRP: 39.90 CA$
Your price: 29.47 CA$ 29.47 CAD
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Steel Colander & Strainer Set 4 pc Set Artigee
SKU: ARTG-6003
MSRP: 40.00 CA$
Your price: 29.78 CA$ 29.78 CAD
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Steel Mesh Colander Set 3 pc Set Artigee
SKU: ARTG-6004
MSRP: 18.00 CA$
Your price: 16.69 CA$ 16.69 CAD
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Cookware Set Copper Ceramic 12 Pc Set Artigee
SKU: ARTG-6002
MSRP: 112.00 CA$
Your price: 77.01 CA$ 77.01 CAD
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Popcorn Seasoning Assorted 3pc 1 ct Davids
SKU: 187351
MSRP: 21.90 CA$
Your price: 20.00 CA$ 20.0 CAD
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Bar Set w/Bucket 9 Piece Set Artigee
SKU: ARTG-5001
MSRP: 60.00 CA$
Your price: 41.70 CA$ 41.7 CAD
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Superfood Powder Assorted 3pc 1 ct Dinavedic
SKU: 187354
MSRP: 26.25 CA$
Your price: 25.00 CA$ 25.0 CAD
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Stainless Steel Knife Set with Acrylic Stand 14 pc Artigee
SKU: ARTG-1001
MSRP: 150.00 CA$
Your price: 90.00 CA$ 90.0 CAD
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Knife set 19 piece Set Artigee
SKU: ARTG-1010
MSRP: 180.00 CA$
Your price: 117.72 CA$ 117.72 CAD
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Sea Salt Flakes Assorted 3pc 1 ct 24K
SKU: 187360
MSRP: 29.90 CA$
Your price: 23.59 CA$ 23.59 CAD
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Moscow Mule Mug Set w/Utilies 4pc Set Artigee
SKU: ARTG-5006
MSRP: 83.00 CA$
Your price: 55.52 CA$ 55.52 CAD
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Baby Carrier Convertible 1 pc Inknu
SKU: KNU-8028
MSRP: 56.00 CA$
Your price: 33.00 CA$ 33.0 CAD
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Stainless Steel Bar Set 13 Piece Set Artigee
SKU: ARTG-5003
MSRP: 45.00 CA$
Your price: 32.57 CA$ 32.57 CAD
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Moscow Mule Mug Set (Tall) 4pc Set Artigee
SKU: ARTG-5007
MSRP: 68.00 CA$
Your price: 46.00 CA$ 46.0 CAD
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Latin Spice Assorted 3pc 1 ct Epicureal
SKU: 187359
MSRP: 29.90 CA$
Your price: 23.59 CA$ 23.59 CAD
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Wine & Cocktail Bar Set 16 Piece Set Artigee
SKU: ARTG-5002
MSRP: 65.00 CA$
Your price: 44.51 CA$ 44.51 CAD
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