Curing Salt (Prague Powder) White 2Lbs Cuisine Tech

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For chefs and chefs at home, convenient and ready to go! This premix makes it easier for the home user to measure accurately and reduce the possibility of error that could occur if handling pure sodium nitrate. DQ Curing Salt #2 is used as a preservative when making charcuterie to slow bacterial and fungal growth on sausages and meats to be aged over time. Use for all dry and semi-dry sausages such as Saucisson, Pepperoni, Salami, Sopressata, and Chorizo. Use to preserve dry-cured hams such as Southern Style, Prosciutto, and Westphalian.

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Salt, sodium nitrite. A blend of salt and 6.25% sodium nitrite. Use 4 oz. to 100 lb. of meat to impart 156 ppm sodium nitrite. Can not be used as a substitute for table salt or sea salt.

Curing Salt (Prague Powder) White   2Lbs Cuisine Tech
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