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Le secret d'une bonne paella est le riz. Le Riz Bomba à Paella est un riz de petite taille et de qualité supérieure, traditionnellement de Valence, qui peut absorber jusqu'à 3 fois sa taille en liquide et garde une texture ferme délicieuse après la cuisson. Il est le meilleur riz pour préparer toutes les variétés régionales de la Paella espagnole. Il a l'aspect du riz arborio mais est beaucoup plus petit et presque rond, lisse et perlé. Il est plus coûteux à cause de sa culture difficile, de son vieillissement lent et des soins qu'il requiert.

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    Riz paella bomba.



    • PREMIUM QUALITY – Bomba rice is one of the higher quality short grains and is generally more expensive due to the fact that it is difficult to grow, ages slowly and requires more care. The short grains expand in width instead of length giving the illusion of small round “bombs” and thus lending itself to its name.
    • AUTHENTIC & TRADITIONAL – Bomba Paella rice is a small and superior rice grain, traditionally from Valencia, also known as ‘arroz’. It is the rice of choice when making any of the many variations of Spanish Paella. Bomba Paella Rice has the appearance of arborio rice but is a much smaller, almost round grain, with a smooth pearled surface.
    • PERFECT PAELLA – Preparing one of the best known dishes in the Spanish cuisine just got 1 step easier. The key to a great paella lies in the rice. This premium bomba rice from Spain is the perfect addition to your pantry for when you decide to bring Spanish cuisine to the dinner table.
    • A UNIQUE GRAIN – This short-grain rice expands lengthwise and absorbs up to three times more liquid than traditional rice, making it more flavourful while maintaining a firm and delicious cooked texture. This means that the Bomba rice grains stay separate when cooked and will not become sticky.
    • USING IT – Bomba Rice will soak up to 2-3 times the amount of liquid used for standard Spanish or Italian rice. That could be about as much as five to six parts liquid to dry rice. One cup dry yields 3 cups cooked.

    Okra Fried Bomba Rice Recipe
    Okra Fried Bomba Rice Recipe
    avril 03, 2017 by Jodi MacKinnon (QFG)
    20 mins
    30 mins
    50 mins

    Bomba is a small grain, non-starchy Spanish rice traditionally used in paella. It's fried with flavourings before liquid is added, in a method similar to a pilaf.

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