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Marinated Vegetables

Jazz up your hors d'oeuvres, appetizers, and all kinds of main dishes with flavourful marinated vegetables. They range from convenient sizes for small-scale establishments to large ones for large-scale food services, all procured from authentic sources around the world.

From rare and decadent winter truffles and Italian black truffle paste used in rich risotto, to savoury sundried tomatoes for a sweet saltiness, these marinated vegetables give your dishes a wow factor like nothing else.

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Poivrons Grillés Piquillo 3 kg Royal Command
SKU: 060595
Price: 38,88 CA$ 38.88 CAD
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Citron Entier Confit 720 ml Epicureal
SKU: 152501
Price: 16,61 CA$ 16.61 CAD
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Calabrian Peppers Paste 314 ml Dispac
SKU: 060582
Price: 15,35 CA$ 15.35 CAD
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Pâte de Truffe Noire-Italie 100 g Royal Command
SKU: 050536
Price: 63,58 CA$ 63.58 CAD
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Citron Entier Confit 370 ml Epicureal
SKU: 152500
Price: 11,82 CA$ 11.82 CAD
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Celery Root Julienne Tinned 2.42 L Qualifirst
SKU: 060684
Price: 31,32 CA$ 31.32 CAD
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Tomates Pelées 2.55 kg Viniteau
SKU: 060663
Price: 17,85 CA$ 17.85 CAD
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Pousses de Bambou Tranchées 580 ml Chaokoh
SKU: 060651
Price: 11,18 CA$ 11.18 CAD
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Pelures de Truffes d'Hiver 100 g Royal Command
SKU: 050528
Price: 43,59 CA$ 43.59 CAD
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Tomates Séchées Huile de Tournesol 3.1 L Dispac
SKU: 060682
Price: 63,89 CA$ 63.89 CAD
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Pois Chiches 2.55 kg Viniteau
SKU: 060642
Price: 15,50 CA$ 15.5 CAD
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Truffe d'hiver entière 12.5 g Royal Command
SKU: 050515
Price: 14,76 CA$ 14.76 CAD
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Coeurs d'Artichauts en Quartiers Ma 3.1 L Dispac
SKU: 060607
Price: 68,59 CA$ 68.59 CAD
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Coeurs d'Artichauts Grillés dans l' 3.1 L Dispac
SKU: 060610
Price: 94,47 CA$ 94.47 CAD
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Truffes d'Hiver Extra en Bocal 50 g Royal Command
SKU: 050522
Price: 34,17 CA$ 34.17 CAD
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Artichaut avec Tige Italie 2.65 L Dispac
SKU: 060601
Price: 49,13 CA$ 49.13 CAD
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Haricots Cannelini 2.55 kg Viniteau
SKU: 060623
Price: 17,85 CA$ 17.85 CAD
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Summer Truffle Paste 115 g Royal Command
SKU: 050526
Price: 35,35 CA$ 35.35 CAD
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Artichauts avec Tige Marinés 3.1 L Dispac
SKU: 060606
Price: 86,21 CA$ 86.21000000000001 CAD
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Piments de Calabre tranchés dans l'huile 3.1 L Dispac
SKU: 060597
Price: 61,40 CA$ 61.4 CAD
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