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Quelques gouttes dans une recette vous apporteront l'arôme naturel des amandes sans aucun goût sucré. Cet Extrait d'Amande est très concentré et de grande qualité. Créez de nouvelles associations de saveurs en ajoutant d'autres extraits comme chocolat ou érable. Ajoutez-en une goutte au gruau du petit déjeuner ou sur des toasts. L'extrait d'amande est traditionnellement utilisé dans les amarettis italiens et les gâteaux à la semoule. Ajoute une saveur intense à la pâte d'amande et aux garnitures pour chocolats.

GMO Free GMO Free
Origin: États Unis États Unis
More than 60 Years of Specialty Food Sourcing Experience
Trusted By Over 2,500 Establishments Across Canada

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    Ingrédients approuvés par le FDA, eau et alcool.



    • PREMIUM QUALITY – We believe in pure, high quality premium ingredients at an affordable price. We ensure that our products are sourced from the highest quality providers on the market. We only want the genuine product to get the highest quality flavoring possible.
    • ALL NATURAL – No additives, preservatives or filler low quality ingredients are added to our extracts, ensuring it’s the purest all natural product that it can be. Notably, most competitors have propylene glycol as an additive; we refuse to do so.
    • GREAT FOR ALL BAKING NEEDS – Adds a delicious natural nutty almond flavor to baked goods such as amaretti cookies, semolina cake, shortbread cookies, waffles, and more! Very little extract is required to give your recipes that extra gourmet edge.
    • OTHER USES – Add a delicious almond punch to your steamed milk, tea, coffee, french toast, oatmeal, ice cream… the possibilities are almost endless! It’s also a classic ingredient in Marzipan.
    • HEALTH BENEFITS OF ALMONDS – Almonds pack a high level of several important micronutrients into each serving including fiber, healthy monosaturated fats and protein.They are also high in vitamin E and are loaded with antioxidants.

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