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High fat and low carbs. That’s what Keto is all about. But “diet” food doesn’t have to taste like it. With David’s Keto Mixes, waffles and pancakes are still on the menu! Keto Pancakes mixed with almond milk and eggs make for happy Saturday mornings, and Keto Waffles topped with berries are delightful any time of day.

Bring in new customers with Keto-friendly breakfast options. They're looking for a favourite new breakfast place!

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July 28, 2021

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Keto Melange de Crepes 300 g Davids
SKU: 251007
MSRP: 14,89 CA$
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Keto Brownie Mix 170 g Davids
SKU: 251100
MSRP: 13,65 CA$
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Melange de Guafres Ceto 300 g Davids
SKU: 251008
MSRP: 14,89 CA$
Your price: 14,18 CA$ 14.18 CAD
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