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Une épice rare utilisée dans la cuisine mexicaine pour donner de la saveur aux haricots, moles, tamales et viandes rôties. Les feuilles séchées d'avocat ressemblent à de grandes feuilles de laurier et sont récoltées sur la plante d'avocat mexicaine. Elles sont utilisées dans la cuisine d'Oaxacan, considérée comme le centre gastronomique du Mexique. Les feuilles sont grillées dans une poêle en fonte pour libérer leur arôme de réglisse puis broyées, émiettées ou utilisées entières.

 Origin: Mexique Mexique
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    Feuilles d avocat



    • MEXICAN CUISINE – Dry Avocado Leaves are a rare spice used in Mexican cooking to flavour beans, moles, tamales, and roast meat. They look like large bay leaves and are harvested from the Mexican avocado plant. They are used in Oaxacan cooking, considered the gastronomic centre of Mexico.
    • USING AVOCADO LEAVES – The avocado leaves are to be toasted in a cast-iron pan to release their liquorice aroma and then ground, crumbled, or used whole. They add flavour to beans, moles, soups, stews, tamales, and roast meat.
    • FLAVOUR – Dry Avocado Leaves have a slight nutty aroma similar to hazelnuts and a licorice like flavor. The leaves can have a slight bitter and pungent taste.
    • ALTERNATIVE USES – Dry Avocado Leaves were used as a natural remedy by both the Mayans and the Aztecs. Traditionally, they were steeped in hot water to make teas. With the leaves anti-inflammatory properties, they were commonly used to help with pains, coughs, and other common ailments. Dry Avocado Leaves have also been historically used to help soothe dried skin.
    • SECURELY PACKED – Here at Royal Command we take pride in every single product we bring to the North American market, and our Avocado Leaves are no exception! We pack our dried avocado leaves in a sturdy tub so they’re not crushed or damaged in transit. We do this to ensure you receive a premium quality product with each order.

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