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Flour is one of the most important ingredients for any restaurant, bakery, cafe, or pizza joint. Quality flour looks good, but tastes great. It’s the worker behind the scenes that makes everything run smoothly. A variety of unique flours means your cookies, cakes, breads and doughs can be gluten-free and paleo-friendly.

All these white-flower alternatives can be used as thickening agents in sauces and soups, and dusted onto countertops and prep tables to create a non-stick surface when kneading dough. If your customers come for the handmade signatures, make fresh noodles that fit with their dietary restrictions.

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Farine 00 LM 1 kg Epigrain
SKU: 204053
Price: 11,83 CA$ 11.83 CAD
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Farine de Pois Chiche 10 kg Epigrain
SKU: 204105
Price: 88,08 CA$ 88.08 CAD
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Yellow Cornmeal 1 kg Epigrain
SKU: 204008
Price: 11,29 CA$ 11.290000000000001 CAD
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Semoule de Blé Dur 5 kg Epigrain
SKU: 204411
Price: 40,28 CA$ 40.28 CAD
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Masa Corn Instant Flour 1.8 kg Epigrain
SKU: 204113
Price: 30,72 CA$ 30.72 CAD
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Grains Blancs de Sorgho 2 lbs Epigrain
SKU: 204368
Price: 17,71 CA$ 17.71 CAD
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Farine de Sarrasin Noir (Brute) 2 kg Epigrain
SKU: 204504
Price: 28,40 CA$ 28.400000000000002 CAD
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Polenta Moyenne Cuisson Rapide 2 kg Epigrain
SKU: 204281
Price: 44,87 CA$ 44.87 CAD
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Farine de seigle foncé 10 kg Epigrain
SKU: 204057
Price: 52,57 CA$ 52.57 CAD
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Farine de Riz Blanc 10 kg Epigrain
SKU: 204178
Price: 100,72 CA$ 100.72 CAD
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Farine de Riz Complet 2 kg Epigrain
SKU: 204404
Price: 21,38 CA$ 21.38 CAD
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Oat Flour 1 kg Epigrain
SKU: 204424
Price: 14,21 CA$ 14.21 CAD
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Farine de Sarrasin Noir (Brute) 10 kg Epigrain
SKU: 204150
Price: 111,41 CA$ 111.41 CAD
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Farine tout usage végétalienne sans blé 5 lbs Epigrain
SKU: 204063
Price: 36,95 CA$ 36.95 CAD
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Sans blé - Farine tout usage 5 lbs Epigrain
SKU: 204065
Price: 33,42 CA$ 33.42 CAD
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Farine Riz Brun Moulue sur Pierre 10 kg Epigrain
SKU: 204405
Price: 81,95 CA$ 81.95 CAD
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Farine Graham 5 kg Epigrain
SKU: 204382
Price: 34,95 CA$ 34.95 CAD
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