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Chocolate Decorations

Sweet chocolatey embellishments are sure to whet your party’s appetite! Colourful aromatic pearls, heavenly Belgian-made chocolate shavings, bright, eye catching banderillas, and other surprising edible inventions can help you get even more creative with your desserts.

  • Add crunch to your petit fours.

  • Find a perfect partner for your coffee or tea.

  • Double down on the texture and flavour of your most popular treats.

Want to try something new and need some inspiration? Look no further than these chocolate shells and cups.

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Chocolate Decorations

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Perles Chocolat Blanc 425 g Callebaut
SKU: 173027
MSRP: 47,90 CA$
Your price: 34,17 CA$ 34.17 CAD
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Maxi Cigarettes Marbrées Van Gogh 900 g Mona Lisa
SKU: 173088
MSRP: 65,90 CA$
Your price: 44,79 CA$ 44.79 CAD
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Perles Chocolat Noir 800 g Callebaut
SKU: 173028
MSRP: 39,90 CA$
Your price: 29,47 CA$ 29.47 CAD
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Copeaux de Chocolat Noir 2.5 kg Callebaut
SKU: 173054
MSRP: 98,00 CA$
Your price: 65,93 CA$ 65.93 CAD
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Perles Chocolat Blanc 800 g Mona Lisa
SKU: 173029
MSRP: 43,90 CA$
Your price: 31,82 CA$ 31.82 CAD
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Copeaux de Chocolat Blanc 2.5 kg Chocoa
SKU: 173053
MSRP: 110,00 CA$
Your price: 72,98 CA$ 72.98 CAD
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Quinoa Enrobé de Chocolat 500 g Choctura
SKU: 204217
MSRP: 41,90 CA$
Your price: 31,93 CA$ 31.93 CAD
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Grains Café Couverts Chocolat Noir 5 kg Royal Command
SKU: 175905
MSRP: 208,00 CA$
Your price: 133,84 CA$ 133.84 CAD
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Coupelles Ingot Ivoire . 84 pc Michel Cluizel
SKU: 171238
MSRP: 190,00 CA$
Your price: 118,34 CA$ 118.34 CAD
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Banderillas Sanguines 126 pc Michel Cluizel
SKU: 171594
MSRP: 140,00 CA$
Your price: 88,50 CA$ 88.5 CAD
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Banderillas Zébrées 126 pc Michel Cluizel
SKU: 171592
MSRP: 180,00 CA$
Your price: 112,07 CA$ 112.07000000000001 CAD
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Émaux Triangles Arabesques 360 pc Michel Cluizel
SKU: 171464
MSRP: 160,00 CA$
Your price: 100,11 CA$ 100.11 CAD
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Paillette Chocolat Superfin ; 5 kg Cacao Barry
SKU: 173032
MSRP: 236,00 CA$
Your price: 150,03 CA$ 150.03 CAD
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Billes Rouges 750 g Michel Cluizel
SKU: 171359
MSRP: 170,00 CA$
Your price: 105,99 CA$ 105.99000000000001 CAD
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