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Boost the umami factor in vegan cooking. Vegetarian Fish Sauce is made from fermented soybeans and salt and has a subtle flavour similar to tamari. High in glutamates, it gives food a deep savoury taste. In Vietnam, it's called Nuoc Mam Chay and can replace traditional fish sauce in any recipe like green curry, pad thai, and dipping sauce for fresh spring rolls. Use it in marinades for tofu or tempeh, in dressing for rice noodle salad or shake into fried rice. Add a dash to a Bloody Mary or Caesar cocktail.

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    Nutrition Facts
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    Serving Size Consumer Friendly 1 Tbsp.
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    water, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, caramel, seaweed flavour, sodium benzoate.



    • VEGAN COOKING – Created from fermented soybeans and salt, Vegetarian Fish Sauce is the ultimate boost to the umami factor in vegetarian and vegan cooking. Comparable to Tamari, it has an ultra fine flavour and savoury taste. Perfect for everyday cooking.
    • SAVOURY TASTE – This Vegetarian Fish Sauce is high in glutamates which gives a rich savoury taste to food. It gives off a meaty flavour allowing yourself to indulge in vegetarian foods without the meat. It compliments and enhances any dish you add it to.
    • BEVERAGES – Looking to intensify the flavour of your Bloody Mary or Caesar cocktail? Add a dash of Vegetarian Fish Sauce. Pull it out at your next gathering and amaze your guests with their new and improved drink.
    • VEITNAMESE CUISINE – Vienamese cooking often requires fish sauce. In Vietnam, Vegetarian Fish Sauce is called Nuoc Mam Chay. Since their cuisine is centred around seafood, pork and beef, this sauce makes an excellent alternative. The meaty flavour of Vegetarian Fish Sauce is a delicious dip to fulfill that meaty, savoury taste bud.
    • OTHER USES – Vegetarian Fish Sauce is an excellent alternative to your traditional fish sauce. It can be enjoyed as a dipping sauce, or in recipes such as pad thai and curry. It acts as a delicious marinade for tofu and tempeh. Can be used in your favourite fried rice dish or as a dressing for your rice noodles or salads.

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