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Pink Curing Salt is used to preserve a good pink colour. It is sold under several names including Prague powder #1. It's pink to make sure we don't use it as regular table salt and blends better with meat. Pink Curing Salt is excellent for use when making sausages, brining meats such as ham or turkey, or when smoking meats such as bacon or pastrami.

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    Salt, 6.25% sodium nitrite, FD & C Red #3.


    • PERFECT FOR CURING – Pink curing salt is used as a preservative when making charcuterie, and is a critical part in meat curing and the sausage making process.
    • PRESERVES PINK COLOR – Pink curing salt will preserve the meat’s pink color, keeping it appetizing while preventing any risk of food spoiling.
    • TYPES OF MEATS – With this curing salt, you have a plethora of options as to what type of meat you could cure. They range from sausages, brining meats such as ham or turkey, smoking meats such as bacon or pastrami, fish, jerky and corned beef.
    • PROPER DOSING – Nitrites are toxic in high amounts, so to ensure food safety you must use the proper amount - 1oz of the curing salt per 25lbs of meat.
    • MADE IN AMERICA – We believe in sourcing only the finest quality products from around the world, including this pink curing salt! Sustainably sourced from USA, ready to be used to enhance your next aged dish!

    USAGE: Use 4 oz. to 100 lb. of meat to impart 156 ppm sodium nitrite.

    WARNING: Can not be used as a substitute for table salt. Keep away from children.

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