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    Food Grade Calcium Chloride

    • MAKE FOOD LAST - Calcium chloride is a favourite for preserving food. If you need your ingredients to last, but don’t have access to (or want to use) a fridge, this can be the perfect additive for you! Perfect for those occasions when you’ve accidentally made too much
    • DOESN’T AFFECT TEXTURE - One of the main reasons why people swear by calcium chloride for preserving their food is that it doesn’t affect texture. With many other preserving agents, they can seep into the food, but calcium chloride keeps everything fresh!
    • TASTE WON’T CHANGE - What’s more, the taste of your preserved ingredients will stay the same. After having been preserved, your food will taste the same as it did beforehand, no bad preserved flavours!
    • NO INCREASE IN SODIUM - Many use sodium to preserve their food, but this often increases sodium content. This can result in salty food that can ruin your meals. With calcium chloride, this is no longer a problem - sodium levels won’t increase.
    • INCREDIBLY VERSATILE - While pickles are the classic example, you can use calcium chloride to preserve almost anything. Perfect for vegetables if you’re worried they’ll go off. It’s the perfect safe food preservative.

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